Mahathir Mohamad


MALAYSIA: What Happened to UMNO and Malay Support During GE14?

New Mandala

Despite regime change at the top, the United Malays National Organisation retains strong support from the Malaysian people.


Modernizing Malaysia: Port City Sees Pitfalls of Chinese Investment


Malaysia's Kuantan Port worries about lasting environmental impacts after a Chinese infrastructure project was canceled.


Modernizing Malaysia: Protests Force Chinese Builder into Eco-Friendliness


Is the China-backed Forest City a glimpse into the future, or a looming ecological crisis? Malaysians are sharply divided.


MALAYSIA: Right-Wing Media Stonewalls Dialogue After Heated History Forum

Khaw Chia Hui

The UMNO-backed Utusan Malaysia branded a discussion of Malaysian textbooks as ‘communist.’ A speaker says she has received death and rape threats.


Mahathir's First 100 Days: Only Marginal Progress on Free Speech

Global Voices

Some independent news websites have been unblocked, but a Kuala Lumpur-based journalism organization says 'violations against freedom of expression are still occurring.'


Modernizing Malaysia: Can Penang Island Handle Its Development Boom?


An October 2017 landslide that killed 11 construction workers was a warning shot that unrestrained development could put life on Penang in danger.


Water Tensions Between Singapore and Malaysia Begin to Boil Over

Policy Forum

Malaysia's recent election has reignited a longstanding quarrel over water with Singapore, which receives half its fresh water from its neighbor to the north.

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