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Australian Prime Minister Arrives in China for Four-Day Visit

Voice of America

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's four-day visit to China aims to discuss stabilizing bilateral trade relations, including the removal of remaining trade restrictions and China's bid to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.


In Taiwan, Liz Truss Calls For ‘Economic NATO’ to Counter China

TNL Staff

She also recommended the immediate closure of Confucius Institutes in the U.K., which could be replaced by institutions from Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Countdown to Asia’s Summit Season

The Interpreter

Conflict in Myanmar and Ukraine against a backdrop of U.S.‑China tension – a crowded agenda will unfold in coming weeks.


The CPTPP Isn’t Just a Trade Deal for Taiwan, It’s a Survival Plan

East Asia Forum

The CPTPP is at the heart of mapping out Taiwan’s long-term survival, not just a means to remain competitive in global markets.


Can the China Model Be Accommodated in the CPTPP?

The Interpreter

A rules-based trading system is the bare minimum that Beijing must agree to if it wants to talk accession, analysts argue.


Can Suga Lead on Japanese Foreign Policy?

East Asia Forum

Suga can be one of the many typical post-war premiers who focuses on domestic policy, but the regional security environment around Japan will not allow this indefinitely.


OPINION: KMT Fukushima Food Ban Drives a Wedge Between Taiwan & Japan

New Bloom

If the food ban referendum was a strategic maneuver by the KMT, it seems to be working as intended.


OPINION: Taiwan Should Not Join the CPTPP Trade Pact

Lu Chien-yi

Imagine a world where Taiwan could not legally challenge multinationals like RCA for its deadly pollution of Taoyuan. Such is the world augured by the CPTPP.

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