Xi Jinping Thought


EXPLAINER: How Deng Xiaoping Shaped Modern China

The Conversation

China's recent economic slowdown may be further vindication of Deng Xiaoping's economic foresight, writes James Laurenceson.


Guess Who's Back: Xi Sheds Low Profile to Navigate the Trade War

China Brief

Xi Jinping laid low throughout the summer, leading to rabid speculation from China watchers. He's back now, but is he here to stay?


OPINION: Why Taiwan Should Be Terrified of 'Emperor' Xi

Xi Jinping's most recent moves to consolidate power should make China's neighbors —and the world — very nervous.


President Xi: Not as Powerful as You Think

Gregory Moore

While undoubtedly China's strongest leader since Mao, Xi Jinping's Standing Committee – a 'Team of Rivals' – suggests Xi is subject to checks and balances far stronger than those faced by the Great Helmsman.

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