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Global Pressure Mounts on Cambodia Over Foreign-run Trafficking, Scamming Rings

Voice of America

Cambodian authorities have rescued at least 900 foreign citizens from trafficking rings this year, the interior minister said.


Myanmar, South China Sea To Divide, Dominate ASEAN Summit

Voice of America

Most ASEAN countries want a united front on a code of conduct for the South China Sea, but critics claim Beijing, which wants to handle negotiations on a country-by-country basis, has used Cambodia to thwart progress on an agreement and to block diplomatic opposition to its maritime claims.


Taking on Cambodia’s “Lady Liberty”

The Interpreter

The American human rights lawyer sentenced to six years in a Phnom Penh prison may cause Hun Sen no end of trouble.


Hun Sen’s Party Wins Cambodia’s Local Polls by Landslides, Early Results Show

Voice of America

The opposition alleged a number of polling stations restricted access to onlookers, closing the doors and windows of stations from scrutiny. A party described the election as the “worst in history.”


Chinese Real Estate Investment Shapes New Cambodian Skyline

East Asia Forum

Chinese investment is fueling a luxury housing boom that does nothing for the needs of ordinary Cambodians.


OPINION: Is Taiwan Really a Beacon for LGBT Rights in Asia?

Jay Lin

Taiwan's LGBT community has an easier time than many, but more needs to be done for such progress to receive international recognition.

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