Fukushima Nuclear Water Release: How Safe Is It?

Deutsche Welle

Japan’s atomic agency and the IAEA have approved the plan of releasing Fukushima water into the Pacific Ocean, stating that the filtered water will have a negligible radiological impact.


The Looming Fate of Fukushima’s Contaminated Water

The Interpreter

Environmental concerns in the Pacific come with political risks for Japan’s Prime Minister.


Fukushima: Japan Attempts to Safely Remove Nuclear Fuel From Crippled Reactors

Deutsche Welle

More than a decade after one of the worst nuclear disasters in history, engineers want to construct a huge water-filled tank around one of the damaged reactors and carry out underwater dismantling work.


Fukushima 10 Years On

TNL Staff

Few earthquakes leave scars in the environment and society that are felt 10 years on. Not, however, for the disaster that struck Fukushima on March 11, 2011.


Japan Plans to Stop Asistance For Fukushima’s Voluntary Evacuees

The Japan Times

'As of July, some 89,000 Fukushima people continued to live away from their homes.'


Voters Send Anti-Nuclear Message in Japan

The Japan Times

Niigata's gubernatorial election result on Sunday shows the public is still wary of restarting idled nuclear power plants.

Nearly 4 yerars after the Fuskushima No. 1 nulear powre plant disaster

Radioactive Rainwater is Drained from Fukushima Nuclear Power Station

Sid Weng

With west Japan falling into chaos, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) says the continuous days of heavy rain has led to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station emptying sewage with excessive radioactive substance into the sea.

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