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2016/01/14 | TNL 編輯
Taoyuan International Airport Ranks 170 out of 188 in Global On-time Performance Report
In the travel industry, punctuality is one of the most significant performance indicators. Every time a flight is delayed or cancelled, the responsible airlines and airport always suffer considerable loss, even losing loyal customers.
2015/11/02 | Shih Yuan
Taoyuan Airport to Establish Runway Monitor System to Reinforce Aviation Safety
TIAC (Taoyuan International Airport Company) President David Fei says that the number of aircrafts landing and departing from the airport has grown 10% from 150 thousand to 200 thousand per year, and the increase in aircrafts has affected the erosion of the airstrips.
2015/08/19 | TNL 編輯
EVA Air Says Unenthusiastic Employees May Resign
Flight attendants of EVA Air are dissatisfied about their working schedules, but the company sent out resigning application saying, "Flight attendants who do not show their devotion can choose to leave."