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2016/01/14 | TNL 編輯

Taoyuan International Airport Ranks 170 out of 188 in Global On-time Performance Report

In the travel industry, punctuality is one of the most significant performance indicators. Every time a flight is delayed or cancelled, the responsible airlines and airport always suffer considerable loss, even losing loyal customers.

2015/11/09 | TNL 編輯

Taiwanese Flight Attendants Protest Against Labor Exploitation

According to the Aircraft Flight Operation Regulation (AOR), if the cabin crew spends an hour on in-flight rest, the flight duty period can be extended to 20 hours, and if they spend over three hours staying in a hotel after landing, the flight duty period can be automatically extended to 24 hours.

2015/08/31 | Kenzo

Four Taiwanese Airlines to Allow the Use of Personal Electronics for the Entire Trip

China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, EVA AIR and UNI AIR are allowing the use of personal electronics through the entire trip starting from September 1.