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2016/01/11 | 阿Ken
Taiwan Government Launches Website and LINE Account for New Immigrants
The number of new immigrants has been increasing in Taiwan. How is the government attending to their needs?
2015/12/18 | Yuan
Languages of Immigrants in Taiwan Will Become Elementary School Compulsory Courses in 2018
Merit Times reports, according to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Education, there are 211 thousand children of new immigrants among a total of 2.055 million elementary school and junior high school students, which accounts for 10.28% of the population. This also means one out of ten students is a new immigrant child.
2015/12/07 | Kenzo
Languages of Immigrants in Taiwan Will Become Compulsory Classes in Elementary Schools
To help retain the language abilities of the second generation of immigrants, Wu says that the curriculum guideline of 2018 stipulates that elementary school students have to attend related courses, including Taiwanese, Hakka, aboriginal language, as well as languages of immigrants. Junior high school students can select whichever mother tongue they want to learn, and the school has to offer the course as long as a student enrolls.