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2015/11/29 | Sid Weng
Taipei MRT Introducing New Coding System for Foreigners
The new Taipei MRT signs will mark each station with the acronym of the color of the MRT line along with a number. If the station is at the intersection of two metro lines, it will have two numbers. Take Taipei Main Station for example; it is on the intersection of Tamsui-Xinyi Line (red line) and Bannan Line (blue line) so it will be labeled as R10 and BL12.
2015/08/26 | Yang
Japanese AV Idol Provoking Controversy for being Printed on EasyCards
Some people have said on the Internet that the EasyCard Corporation made this decision to provoke controversy. Others feel unfair for Yui Hatano and believe preventing her from being the face of EasyCard is discriminating her identity and career.