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2015/12/30 | Kenzo
Limited Hunting to be Allowed for Aboriginals during Tribal Ceremonies
Minister of the Interior, Chen Wei-zen, says they are currently discussing to allow aboriginals to hunt limited non-endangered animals during tribal ceremonies. Chen stresses that he hopes the aboriginal hunting culture will be preserved through legal means and respect.
2015/12/08 | Yuan
Words of an Indigenous Girl in Taiwan: I Hope People Will Not Forget the Language Spoken by Our Ancestors.
According to the UNESCO report, in addition to Pazeh, there are five aboriginal languages in Taiwan that are labeled as "critically endangered," nine as "vulnerable," and 16 tribal languages are partially extinct. On November 26, the Executive Yuan passed the draft of the Aboriginal Language Development Act to help preserve the endangered aboriginal languages.
2015/12/04 | Kenzo
Aborigine Sentenced Three Years for Hunting in the Mountains
A Bunun clergyman points out that aboriginals hunting and eating food from the mountains is part of their traditional culture, therefore the government should not punish aborigines for hunting on days that aren’t tribal ceremonies.
2015/11/30 | TNL 編輯
Owing Aboriginals Too Much? DPP Presidential Candidate Will Apologize To The People if Elected
Tsai Ing-wen said that the aboriginal policies announced on August 1 this year were also the first policies announced in the 2016 presidential election. This shows her respect and affirmation towards the original owners of the island and her determination to solve related issues.
2015/11/24 | Kenzo
Indigenous People Refused Entrance of Traditional Territory
Hanisazan has a special significance to the Bunun people. Their ancestors migrated south from Xinyi Township and the mountain was an important watershed where the tribe would gather.
2015/11/02 | Yang
Taiwan Wins 56 Medals in 2015 Nuremberg Invention Exhibition
National Chin-Yi University of Technology was awarded the Special Prize for a life jacket that is traceable and has a warning function. The Special Prize symbolizes the highest honor awarded by the Nuremberg Invention Exhibition conference. The prize hasn’t been awarded for two years and was given to Chin-Yi University of Technology this year.
2015/10/20 | Yuan
Aboriginal Proposes Tribal Culture Alternative Military Service to Preserve the Disappearing Cultures
Under current laws, the servicemen that are distributed to aboriginal tribes are usually not aboriginals, and those who are from the tribes lose the opportunity to service and learn about the tribes. Aboriginal legislator candidate, Mayaw Biho, points out the addition of "tribal culture alternative military service" will give tribes the chance to self-develop and reduce the amount of assistance needed from others.
2015/09/30 | TNL 編輯
Injustice in Educational Subsidy for Taiwanese Aboriginal Students?
Aboriginal students studying in private schools have heavier economic burdens than those who go to public schools. They have to pay an extra amount of about NT$ 25,000 (approximately US$ 750) for tuition compared with the ones that attend public schools. This also threatens the education rights of aboriginal students who already have relatively less educational and economic resources.
2015/08/12 | Yang
Are The Taiwanese The Worst Drinkers?
Research conducted by the medical school at Stanford University points out nearly half of the Taiwanese people have an ALDH2 deficiency, which rates highest in the world. This means they aren't able to metabolize pure alcohol (acetaldehyde) properly.