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2016/06/20 | Suzanne Pepper
New Ideas, New Names, Old Temptations in Hong Kong
Winning seats on the Legislative Council in September seems less important than articulating the new post-Occupy political ideas, deciding what names to call them, and defining the political demands that should follow.
2016/06/07 | Xiaochen Su
Violence Against Chinese Nationals Looms in Africa
As the Chinese become a wealthy minority in Africa, it is only a matter of time before they become primary targets for race-based state violence.
2016/06/03 | Xiaochen Su
Vigilante Justice in Asia and Africa: A Threat to the State?
Vigilante justice in Asia and Africa may look like a convenient way out for profit-seeking police officers, but its prevalence can also undermine the entire legal framework of a nation. 
Is Hong Kong's Tap of Cheap Domestics About to Run Dry?
Since the 1970s, Filipinos and Indonesians have flocked to Hong Kong to work as domestic helpers. Amid continued marginalization and better prospects back home, is Hong Kong’s supply of cheap in-house help about to run dry?
2016/05/31 | J. Michael Cole
The 'Chinese Taipei' WHA Controversy: Time to Think Strategically
President Tsai has been heavily criticized by the green camp for ‘failing’ to uphold the nation’s ‘dignity’ at this year’s WHA meeting in Switzerland. In reality, Taiwan’s participation was a small victory.
2016/05/30 | Xiaochen Su
What is Stopping Africans from Traveling Abroad?
It may be tempting to believe that a lack of financial resources is the sole reason why Africans don’t travel more. However, deeper cultural values play a greater role than you might think.
2016/05/30 | Hélène Belaunde
The Rise of Taiwanese Horror: Corpse Brides and Little Girls in Red
Two recent horror flicks suggest that Taiwanese directors are finally willing to break some longstanding taboos, with promising results.
2016/05/30 | Timothy S. Rich
For Ban Ki-moon, Is There Life After the U.N.?
After he steps down as U.N. secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon could be a frontrunner for the presidency in South Korea. But some issues will have to be resolved first.