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2016/07/06 | Edward White
[PHOTO STORY] Eid al-Fitr in Taipei
Worshipers spilled out onto the streets in Taiwan’s capital this morning as thousands of people from Taipei’s Islamic community gathered at the Taipei Grand Mosque to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. The festival marks the ‘breaking of the fast’ at the end of the month-long Ramadan, which is observed by an estimated 1.5 billion people around the world. Taiwan, with a population of 23.5 million, has about 60,000 Muslims.
2016/07/05 | Matthew Fulco
Taiwan’s Banks Eye ASEAN Expansion
The emerging Southeast Asian region of 600 million people offers Taiwanese banks better prospects than mercurial China.
2016/07/04 | Tao Tao Holmes
China’s Reincarnation Database Verifies 870 Living Buddhas. But How?
Living Buddhas are believed to be the reincarnations of prominent lamas or religious leaders in Tibetan Buddhism, and their numbers in China have risen from 358 last September to 870 this January. How has this number gone up so fast?
The Mysterious Origins of a Food That's Always Been Funny: The Sausage
A sausage party is going to be held at the Taiwan Design Center this summer, but what's the story behind the salted meat seen all over the world?
2016/06/30 | Matthew Fulco
Boosting Taiwan’s Biopharma Sector
What is holding Taiwan back in its efforts to find cures for diseases, including cancer?
2016/06/30 | Beyonder Times
Singaporean Illustrator Draws in a World Without Sounds
Despite having a hearing disability, a Singaporean illustrator traveled to a foreign country, Taiwan, for his first time, and is now a professional illustrator for children’s picture books.
2016/06/29 | Edward White
Taiwan Human Trafficking Activists Await Key U.S. Report
Human trafficking: While the government will hope Taiwan can enjoy its seventh-year straight as a ‘Tier 1’ country, activists in the front lines of what they say is a worsening problem hope Taiwan’s ranking will be downgraded.
2016/06/29 | Sarawak Report
The Dots Join Up: Irish Angle on Malaysia’s 1MDB Scandal
Irish Angle to Malaysia's ongoing 1MDB saga confirms the PM's proxy, Jho Low, was linked to Goldman Sachs.
2016/06/28 | Malaysiakini
Who Is More Dangerous, Pahang Mufti or ISIS?
A mufti in Malaysia has been labelled a bigger threat to the country than ISIS.
2016/06/28 | Suzanne Pepper
Hong Kong’s High Stakes Election: New Candidates, Old Temptations
Facing a well-organized pro-Beijing adversary who never runs for any reason other than to win, Hong Kong’s new political candidates look set to make the same mistakes as their predecessors from the pro-democracy movement.
2016/06/27 | Tao Tao Holmes
Secret Missionaries and Smuggled Bibles: China's Religious Boom
Is China’s changing religious landscape a “spiritual crisis,” as some have said, or a spiritual miracle? 
2016/06/27 | J. Michael Cole
Radio Silence in the Taiwan Strait? Think Again
News that Beijing has suspended communication mechanisms with Taipei need to be taken in their proper context. It’s much less alarming than you think.
2016/06/27 | Matthew Fulco
Taiwan’s Cancer Incidence Steadily Rises
The incidence of cancer is rising in Taiwan as the population rapidly ages.
2016/06/24 | Mark Stocker
Forget Products, Taiwan’s Future is in Engineering Services
Why aren’t Taiwanese firms trying to capture their full value by charging for their design and production engineering services?
2016/06/23 | David Willson
Uber: More than its Controversy
I admire the way in which Uber Taiwan has integrated the social good that it does completely into who they are as a company and for me this makes them an outstanding example of strategic corporate social responsibility.
2016/06/22 | Sarawak Report
Malaysian Slain Banker Case Taken to U.N.
The perceived paralysis of law and order in present day Malaysia has led to a ground-breaking and potentially humiliating development, where the son of the assassinated banker Hussein Najadi has asked the United Nations to intervene and investigate the crime.
2016/06/22 | Xiaochen Su
Taiwan Luxury Mega Club Absurdities vs. African Dance Bars
Local dance bars in Tanzania beat every high-end nightspot in Taiwan and Asia.