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2022/11/25 | East Asia Forum

Japan Must Reform Its Inflexible Work Culture

The labor force is diversifying, not just demographically, but also in terms of people’s needs and preferences. It’s time for organizations to adapt to workers — and not the other way around.

2017/01/31 | Hannah Wurf

Xi Jinping, the Savior of Globalization?

Xi’s opaque ambition, combined with the weakening of US global power, means there will continue to be contradictory narratives around what he stands for - as well as some wishful thinking, writes Hannah Wurf.

2017/03/30 | Chen Dan

It’s Time to Give China’s Single Mothers Their Rights

We must end discrimination against the growing number of women having children outside of marriage.

2020/03/24 | Xiaochen Su

Coronavirus Furthers Chinese-Style Internet Censorship in Singapore

Singapore's use of its anti-misinformation law resembles Chinese-style censorship.

2017/06/15 | He Xu

Why Anthropology is Becoming Big Business in China

Long considered a pointless pursuit, companies are now turning to experts in the hope of understanding the roots of consumer behavior.

2017/08/24 | Saigoneer

Virtual Life Transforming Saigon's Public Spaces

The tension between open spaces and private, walled-off zones is brought to attention as Saigon continues to rapidly grow and develop.

2017/12/01 | David Green

OwlTing Leads Taiwan's Blockchain Awakening

As Nasdaq cheers Taipei-based OwlTing, Taiwan is on the cusp of allowing its dynamic blockchain innovators to make significant global impact.

2018/03/06 | Simi Metha

India Looks to Act on Southeast Asia

India and ASEAN represent two of the world’s major rising markets, and their relationship should not be underestimated.

2016/07/16 | Stephen Grenville

South China Sea: A Course-Correction is Needed

What would be the basis of this 'Outside-UNCLOS' framework? The starting-point is a recognition that 'win-win' is better than a contest with a winner and a loser.

2016/08/23 | Hongwei Bao

Queer Filmmaking in the People’s Republic of China

Diversity of expressions of genders, sexualities, intimacies and political strategies characterize the queer filmmaking landscape in China today.

2017/02/05 | TaiwaneseCulture.org

RECIPE: Oyster Noodles

Oyster Noodles is a great dish for anyone seeking something hot and gooey.

2017/02/08 | Peter Wood

Chinese Acquisitions Undercut Taiwan, US Semiconductor Industry Edge

Taiwan’s position as a keystone of the global supply of semiconductors is strong, but rapidly eroding.

2017/02/14 | Victor Shih

China Faces the Impossible Trinity

The People’s Bank of China is walking a tightrope.