The Errors of Nato’s East Asia Engagement

East Asia Forum

NATO's engagement in East Asia to counter China's influence is seen as a misguided and potentially dangerous strategy that could increase tensions and bind China and Russia together.


‘Partner, Competitor, and Systemic Rival’: EU’s Strategical Ambiguity On China

Tatiana Van den Haute

The European Union maintains a strategical relationship of “ambiguity” with China, in order to retain trade deals and diplomacy with China while staying aligned with Western democratic values.

Tired of all the Secret Spots in Taiwan? Come Broaden Your Horizons!

Tired of all the Secret Spots in Taiwan? Come Broaden Your Horizons!

Since the trial operation of the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum began, the daily free admission of 1,000 visitors has increased to 1,750 visitors. The number was even bumped up to 5,000 visitors during spring break...


Facing Common Threats: The US-Japan-South Korea’s Camp David Summit—a Gateway to Peace in the Indo-Pacific

Ian Murphy

The recent Camp David summit marks a significant step in strengthening U.S. diplomatic ties with the advanced Asian countries of Japan and Korea, where they openly discuss major transnational issues.


Taiwan’s Nascent #MeToo Movement

East Asia Forum

The #MeToo movement has resulted in a substantial reform of the laws regarding sexual harassment, but cultural expectations and stigma still pose challenges for victims, particularly men and boys.

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The God With the Liquor Gourd

Eric R Stone

The unconventional appearance of Ji Gong and the unique experience of hearing the god speak, fascinated a foreigner who seeks authentic travel adventure in Taiwan.


‘Past Lives’ Meditates on the Before and the After

CJ Sheu

“Past Lives” is a poignant and well-observed character study of an immigrant whose past in the old country walks into her present.

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Paraguay’s New Government Remains Loyal to Taiwan

East Asia Forum

Despite China’s enormous market potential, the new Paraguay government reaffirms the country's support for the status quo and continuity in its diplomatic relationship with Taiwan.

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