Does Thailand’s Election Matter?

The Interpreter

The election could be a plus for Thailand’s regional role, which has been sadly diminished over the past two decades.


‘Rally Road Racers’ Is Derivative Fun with Chinese Characteristics

CJ Sheu

To save his grandma's home from demolition, a young race car driver competes against a vainglorious reigning champion and wins by finding his Dao.


China’s Defense Ties With Cambodia Raise Red Flags for Vietnam

East Asia Forum

Hanoi fears that China is using Cambodia as a tool to pressure Vietnam on its southern border.


The Two Big Flaws in Penny Wong’s Talk of Deterrence Over Taiwan

The Interpreter

It’s wishful thinking to dismiss debate on the most difficult and important foreign policy question as a “parlor game.”


An assessment from TAEF: Five Years of the New Southbound Policy

Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy is more than an economy-oriented strategy and shapes Taiwan’s Asia policy. TAEF suggests that the government is supposed to enhance its internal and external communications for making the policy more comprehensive and effective.


Fake History — A Solo Exhibition by Paul Timings

TNL Feature

Based on tales from Taiwan, the exhibition explores how technologies mediate our experiences and narratives in a way that is both deeply personal and manipulative.


Chinese Tech Dominance More Myth Than Reality

East Asia Forum

Less than 4% of China’s research outputs from universities have been translated into industrial innovation capabilities — much lower than in most industrial countries.


GARAOTUS partners up with intel and Advantech to provide genomics solutions by AI-HPC technologies is a silver lining in post-pandemic era

Advancements in genomics are opening new doors for understanding human diseases and are increasingly informing innovative precision treatment plans. However, genomics sequencing generates hundreds of petabytes of data per year. Researchers and scientists require tools to analyze these enormous volumes of data in a timely manner to gain insights into disease and possible treatments. GARAOTUS provide the AI-HPC technologies to accelerate genomics workflows. Performance gains include a 75 percent speedup for the BWA performance.


Taiwan’s Housing Crisis (Part 2): Taiwan’s Housing Prices Have Grown Faster than Most Advanced Countries, But Its Economy Has Not

Roy Ngerng

Since 1985, Taiwan’s real estate profits have grown by nearly 40 times, but the minimum wage has not even grown by four times. If the minimum wage had grown as quickly as real estate profits, it would have been close to NT$230,000 a month today.

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