‘The Boy and the Heron’ Is Dazzling, If Somewhat Unhinged

CJ Sheu

A young boy learns through adventures in a fantastical Studio Ghibli world that grief can’t be escaped. The arbitrary worldbuilding is part of the point.


Myanmar’s Military Reaches Into Migrant Pockets

East Asia Forum

Recent orders issued by Myanmar’s junta will result in higher costs and lower disposable income for migrant workers.


Taiwan and India:Strategizing the Relations

India has been regarded as one of the major partner countries under Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy. From the Indian perspective, prospects of India-Taiwan relations have never been better. Immense potential in these bilateral relations needs to be developed further.


Survey: South Korea’s LGBT Community Faces a Hurdled Road to Same-Sex Equality

Timothy S. Rich

A recent survey showed broad opposition to same-sex marriage in South Korea, with age and political affiliation playing a role and the lasting power of Protestants in the country.

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Branagh’s Poirot Finally Shines in ‘A Haunting in Venice’

CJ Sheu

A Haunting in Venice elevates well-worn genre tropes with exceptional casting and filmmaking flair to create a satisfying experience.


Phihong Technology Selected to Support Shell Groups Global EV Charging Expansion

Phihong Technology, a global supplier of power products and EV charging stations, has been selected by Shell, one of the world's largest oil and gas companies, to support their continued expansion into the global EV charging market.


Consumer Price Should Be the Only Determinant of Minimum Wage

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan's minimum wage has become a key issue in the presidential election.Instead of using indicators such as per capita GDP, household consumption, and profits to determine minimum wage, research shows that faster wage growth boosts the macroeconomic environment and firm profitability.

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Indonesia’s Commodity Future in the Face of China’s Slowdown

East Asia Forum

In face of China’s slowdown in acquiring commodities, Indonesia’s efforts to diversify export destinations and move towards downstream industrial policies are crucial for its survival.


New Southbound Policy: The Role of the Yushan Forum

Yushan Forum fills a critical gap in generating fresh foreign policy ideas and implementing the same, and thereby serves as a strategic platform to get a wholesome perspective from the New Southbound Policy countries.


Hamas’ Brutal Attack Could Have Been Avoided

Alon Ben-Meir

Analyst questions the intelligence capabilities of the Israeli government and criticizes its handling of the situation.

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