China Is Becoming More Reliant on the World

Ian Murphy

With the Made in China 2025 initiative, Beijing aims to decrease dependency on foreign technology imports, but it’s also seeking foreign investments to modernize its technology sector.


‘The Bomber’ Turns Incompetence Into Vision

CJ Sheu

A top flight lawyer becomes a bomber after his client, a key witness in a government graft case, gets assassinated.


Taiwan and India:Strategizing the Relations

India has been regarded as one of the major partner countries under Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy. From the Indian perspective, prospects of India-Taiwan relations have never been better. Immense potential in these bilateral relations needs to be developed further.


Thailand’s Election: Will the Country Move Forward?

The Interpreter

The Kingdom’s conservative forces may have little option but to give way to the elected parties, at least for now.


China Expands Its Economic Reach Into the United States’ Backyard

East Asia Forum

Economically, China has been making inroads into South America and the Caribbean, a region where U.S. power once went unchallenged.


Phihong Technology Selected to Support Shell Groups Global EV Charging Expansion

Phihong Technology, a global supplier of power products and EV charging stations, has been selected by Shell, one of the world's largest oil and gas companies, to support their continued expansion into the global EV charging market.

劉德華力挺 特別演出「速命道」

‘Red Line’ Makes Your Heart Race in More Ways Than One

CJ Sheu

A street racer gives up on himself because of his brother’s accident, until he meets a doctor and makes up his mind to become an ambulance driver.


The Philippines’ Fight for Foreign Policy Freedom

East Asia Forum

Due to China’s increasing assertiveness in the Taiwan Strait and grey-zone coercion in the West Philippine Sea, Marcos reinvigorated the Philippine alliance with the U.S. and sought a stronger strategic partnership with Japan.


New Southbound Policy: The Role of the Yushan Forum

Yushan Forum fills a critical gap in generating fresh foreign policy ideas and implementing the same, and thereby serves as a strategic platform to get a wholesome perspective from the New Southbound Policy countries.

房屋上半年買賣移轉17_5萬棟 創近8年新高

Excessive Housing Speculation Is Weakening Taiwan’s Economy and Society

Roy Ngerng

Housing speculation creates instability and inequality. Given the growing national security threats from China, policymakers’ refusal to confront the problem puts Taiwan in a highly precarious situation.

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