Child Welfare at the Forefront of Japanese Family Law Reform

East Asia Forum

Japan's Family Law Subcommittee has outlined recommendations for reforming family law, including changes to civil codes that address issues such as parental authority, adoption, and property distribution after divorce.


China's Evolving Military Strategy Against Taiwan, Poses Challenges to the US

Antonio Graceffo

China sees Western countries, led by the United States, as implementing containment and encirclement strategies against them, posing severe challenges to their development.


Wistron AiEdge Corporation Launches ZigNeurons, ZigFleet, and ZigRail, a Suite of AI-Powered Intelligent Mobility Solutions

The Mobility Solutions are focused on optimizing profitability & efficiency while lessening emissions impact of fleet and railway operations.


Artificial Intelligence: The Regulatory Race To Ensure A Democratic Future

The Interpreter

Bletchley Park, the historic site of Alan Turing's groundbreaking work during World War II, is now hosting a global summit on AI safety. This comes as concern grows about the risks and potential dangers of advanced AI.


Jewish Response to Hamas War Criticism Comes From Deep Sense of Trauma, Active Grief and Fear

The Conversation

Israeli officials and some right-wing, pro-Israel organizations and activists have had the response that any criticism of Israel is antisemitic, and they strive to delegitimize critics of Israel by labeling them antisemites.


Mark Chang, Chief Strategy Officer of GARAOTUS: Redefine the High-Performance Computing (HPC) and make "Computing Power" become new energy for industrial transformation

During this era of digital technology, "computing power" will become the most important "Energy" for the industry. In the future, GARAOTUS will work together to go international by forming alliances with strategic partners in these seven industrial fields.


Children on the Run: Queer Reorientation in Hirokazu Koreeda’s Kaibutsu 

Ronex Leung

Through its use of nature imageries and vast landscapes, Kaibutsu evokes a reorientation of queer identities for the two innocent boys Minato and Yori .


Can China-Philippines Tensions Lead to Regional Conflict?

Ian Murphy

This collision between a Chinese vessel and a Philippine supply boat, along with previous incidents, escalates tensions between China and the Philippines and poses a risk for regional conflict in the disputed South China Sea.


Phihong launches a 280W GaN Charger suitable for gaming laptop

Phihong Technology has launched new 280W GaN high power adapter designed for gaming laptops, which combines the best circuit design and manufacturing process, and can fully bring the user unprecedented miniaturization, light weight, and still provide the full standard user experience.


‘The Boy and the Heron’ Is Dazzling, If Somewhat Unhinged

CJ Sheu

A young boy learns through adventures in a fantastical Studio Ghibli world that grief can’t be escaped. The arbitrary worldbuilding is part of the point.

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