China’s Waste Import Ban: An Opportunity for Real Recycling

Nate Maynard

China's move to reject the world's waste is an opportunity to think seriously about the true costs of recycling.


The Ban that Never Was: Peppa Pig, AI and Porkie Pies

Jules Quartly

AI-inspired Peppa content pushed an online publishing platform into deep water in China, but the headlines missed a deeper argument over whether the state can or should rule on what media people consume.


MALAYSIA: Najib Concedes Defeat, Mahathir Vows 'Rule of Law'


Najib accepted his party’s defeat and vowed to respect the verdict of the people, but remained defiant about his former mentor’s victory.


OPINION: China Holds Key to Dodging US Sanctions in Iran

Dr. James M. Dorsey

The stakes in the battle to save the Iranian nuclear deal go far beyond a belief that the agreement is serving its purpose in curbing potential Iranian nuclear ambitions.


East Asia's Biggest Problem: Aging

Policy Forum

All three countries at this week's Trilateral Summit are facing a demographic crunch, but China may have it the worst.


Najib vs Mahathir: Malaysia Hits the Polls

Khaw Chia Hui

Malaysia is choosing its next prime minister, the culmination of a fierce campaign between two political veterans.


Block Guardian: An Open Letter to Taiwan's Crypto Community

Jeremy Firster

Block Guardian is a bi-weekly column from The News Lens and Blockcamp offering news and insight on crypto and token economics from Taiwan.

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