Taking the Measure of China's New Aircraft Carrier

The Interpreter

China's first homegrown aircraft carrier lags US counterparts but complements its area denial and blue water navy strategies.


China Mysteriously Moves to Protect Coastal Regions


The Chinese government announced a sweeping package of reforms aimed at ending a great deal of coastal land reclamation, much to the surprise of naturalists.


India Lays the Groundwork for a Military Industrial Complex

Policy Forum

Defense procurement is a murky business in India, but one thing is certain: The country wants to make more of its own weapons.


ANALYSIS: Taiwan and the Nine-Dash Line

The ROC was the first to draw the maritime claim, but has since stayed strategically silent on the issue.


From Taboo to Treasure: Beef in Taiwan

Until relatively recently, eating beef was frowned on in Taiwan.


4 Questions About Air Pollution and Your Health

The Conversation

Air pollution knows no boundaries and is a leading cause of early death worldwide.


Politics and Personality Keep Malaysia Spellbound as Mahathir Rules Again

Khaw Chia Hui

Disbelief and trepidation linger after Mahathir's unprecedented general election victor.

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