Taiwan’s New Minimum Wage Proposal Is Insufficient to Foster Economic Growth

Roy Ngerng

The Ministry of Labor has decided to increase the minimum wage in Taiwan from $26,400 to $27,470 for the future year. However, critics argue that this may not be enough to ensure a basic living standard nor foster economic growth.

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The West’s Impact on the Future of Cambodia’s Democracy

East Asia Forum

The arrest and house arrest of its former Cambodia leader, Kem Sokha, threatens the country's democratic progress. The international community's visits to Sokha indicate democracy's importance in their relations with Cambodia.


Taoyuan Airport Returns to Normal Operations as Taiwan Ends Mandatory Quarantine on Oct 13

Taiwan's border reopening will eventually usher in recovery and prosperity. Taoyuan Airport stands to provide returning passengers with best services in the post-pandemic era, hopefully to leave them with moving memories.

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Loans, Minerals, Weapons, and Coups: China’s Destabilizing Role in Africa’s Coup Belt

Antonio Graceffo

While maintaining the facade of being an ally to Africa, China is exploiting coup-prone regions through lucrative activities such as coal mining and substantial oil extraction.


Taiwan’s Stagnant Wages Has Caused Its Economy to Grow As Slowly As Other Developing Countries

Roy Ngerng

The contention of Lin Por-fong, chairperson of the Third Wednesday Club, to tie minimum wage growth to GDP growth is criticized. It is argued that Taiwan’s economy can only expand if the minimum wage is raised at a faster pace.


GARAOTUS partners with Wasai, Advantech, and Intel to improve disease research efficiency by 89%

High-performance computing (HPC) is a term used to describe high-performance computing. Recently, it has become an essential element of enterprise transformation as well as a key to enterprise innovation. However, based on the research statistics, it is found that when enterprises build HPC, up to 70% of their time is spent on hardware calibration, while only 30% of researchers' time is spent on core business; this situation not only causes the core team to spend too much time understanding software and hardware; it is more likely to cause significant delays in implementing the transformation.


Ukraine War: Two Good Reasons the World Should Worry About Russia’s Arms Purchases From North Korea

The Conversation

Arms transfer negotiations between North Korea and Russia are “actively advancing,” according to a US national security council official. This relationship could have significant implications for Ukraine and the UN sanctions regime.

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‘I Almost Lost My Will to Live’: Preference for Sons Is Leaving Young Women in China Exploited and Abused

The Conversation

China’s gender inequality is characterized by a significant surplus of men due to sex-selective abortions and exploitative relationships suffered by women in the patriarchal society.


Information security challenges emerge often, ACW SOUTH can help forge cyber security for Taiwan

Taiwan is under foreign cyber attacks up to 30 million times on average every month. How can ACW SOUTH play its role to lay down foundations for cyber security and empower cybersec talents at the time when information and communication technology is rising and cyber threats are imminent?


Lithuania and Estonia Have Caught up With Taiwan. Will Taiwan Raise Its Minimum Wage Faster?

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s stagnant wages have led to economic growth stagnation, putting it at risk of having the lowest minimum wage among advanced countries.

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