Can Politicians Rise Above Partisanship To Address Indonesia’s Environmental Crisis?

East Asia Forum

Politicians in Indonesia have the potential to initiate the systemic changes necessary for environmental management but they face challenges including corruption, overlapping jurisdictions, and the influence of business interests.


China’s Media Misses the Mark on Myanmar

East Asia Forum

China's media has largely ignored Myanmar's political crisis and the plight of its people, focusing instead on criminal networks involved in online scams.


Taoyuan Airport Returns to Normal Operations as Taiwan Ends Mandatory Quarantine on Oct 13

Taiwan's border reopening will eventually usher in recovery and prosperity. Taoyuan Airport stands to provide returning passengers with best services in the post-pandemic era, hopefully to leave them with moving memories.


What Does the US Republican Presidential Primary Imply for Taiwan?

TNL Feature

The 2024 Republican primary campaign is in full swing and there is a significant chance Democrats lose the White House next November, making the Republican presidential primary candidates' opinions on Taiwan-related policy increasingly important for this self-ruled island.


How Badly Are Taiwan’s Doctors and Nurses Overworked and Underpaid?

Roy Ngerng

Compared to other advanced countries, Taiwan's doctors and nurses earn relatively low salaries and work excessive hours. The higher number of patient consultations makes their workload even more significant.


GARAOTUS partners with Wasai, Advantech, and Intel to improve disease research efficiency by 89%

High-performance computing (HPC) is a term used to describe high-performance computing. Recently, it has become an essential element of enterprise transformation as well as a key to enterprise innovation. However, based on the research statistics, it is found that when enterprises build HPC, up to 70% of their time is spent on hardware calibration, while only 30% of researchers' time is spent on core business; this situation not only causes the core team to spend too much time understanding software and hardware; it is more likely to cause significant delays in implementing the transformation.


‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ Keeps Its Focus on Its World-Conquering Star

CJ Sheu

The Eras Tour film presents the no-frills platonic ideal of the show, competently preserved for international and future Swifties.


More Than One Journalist per Day Is Dying in the Israel-Gaza Conflict. This Has To Stop

The Conversation

The recent Gaza-Israel conflict has resulted in the deaths of at least 39 journalists and media workers, making it the deadliest conflict for media workers since 1992.


Information security challenges emerge often, ACW SOUTH can help forge cyber security for Taiwan

Taiwan is under foreign cyber attacks up to 30 million times on average every month. How can ACW SOUTH play its role to lay down foundations for cyber security and empower cybersec talents at the time when information and communication technology is rising and cyber threats are imminent?


Taiwan’s Drone Defense: From Dependence to Dominance 

Ian Murphy

Modern warfare is evolving as smaller, asymmetric systems become more prevalent. Advances in technology have made it possible to develop smaller, more lethal weapons systems.

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