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2017/09/23 | TNL Staff
Lodging in Taipei: A Journey into History
'Good Eye Taipei' recommends unique hotels and hostels in Taipei.
2017/09/23 | Frances Kitt
China: No Country for Old Men?
The way in which Xi deals with the age question in the make-up of the PSC will be a good indicator of the nature of his power and the extent of his success.
2017/09/22 | Qian Guanyu
Mountaineering, A Fad for China’s Rich
Wealth-flaunting high-net-worth individuals are frantically scaling the country’s dizzyingly high slopes in the name of networking.
2017/09/22 | Chublic Opinion
Why 'Wolf Warrior II' Beat Up 'Founding of an Army' at the Box Office
'Wolf Warrior II' smashed Communist Party propaganda fest 'Founding of an Army' at China's box office this summer, but while showing how far Chinese cinema has come in terms of production values, its overt and ugly patriotism left some with a bitter taste in the mouth.
2017/09/21 | Yin Yijun
Creating Visual Effects for China’s Billion-dollar TV Industry
A visual effects supervisor discusses the future of the profession that brings fantasy to life.
2017/09/21 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: Aung San Suu Kyi's Head Buried in the Sand?
Aung San Suu Kyi says she does not know why people are fleeing and 'since the fifth of September, there have been no armed clashes and there have been no clearance operations.'
2017/09/21 | Matthew Fulco
How a Mega Scandal Pushed Taiwan to Reform Money-laundering Controls
New York regulators’ fining of Mega Bank last year for lax compliance practices was a wake-up call for Taiwan, which has since moved swiftly to brush up its international compliance on money-laundering.
2017/09/21 | Andrea Baldini
Digital Dialogue is Shaping China’s Public Spaces
Online reaction to Shanghai’s controversial sculpture of a urinating man shows how web users can deeply influence the physical realm.
2017/09/20 | Zhang Jizhou
Why Chinese Internet is in Uproar over a Leaky Old Temple
News of a dilapidated Tang-era holy site sheds light on the country’s complex relationship with its cultural heritage.
2017/09/20 | Khin Zaw Win
Myanmar Must Accept Responsibility for Rohingya alongside Openness to Diversity
With no end in sight to the plight of the Rohyinga Muslims in Myanmar and Bangladesh, and an underwhelming response from de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, the clock is ticking for Myanmar to accept historical responsibility and open its arms to multiculturalism.
2017/09/20 | David Bandurski
New China Cyber Laws Will Finally Silence Exchange of Ideas Online
China has long flirted with real-name registration online, but new laws following the implementation of the Cybersecurity Law will finally end an era of anonymous comment, and with it the notion of China's internet as a market for ideas.
2017/09/20 | John Liu
We Are All Lee Ming-che
The inditement of Taiwanese NGO worker Lee Ming-che, currently detained in China, cited social media messages on Facebook and elsewhere as evidence of subversion. Unless we stand up and protest, anyone traveling to China could share Lee's unfortunate fate.
2017/09/19 | Kenrick Davis
Chinese Rap Breaking Free of Mandarin
While some dialect rappers regard their art as an avenue to fame and fortune, for others, it is a tool for promoting and protecting local language and culture.
2017/09/19 | Hera Diani
Female Roles in Religious Radicalism
Where women once held only supporting roles, they are now beginning to take up more dominant roles in radical groups. Why?
China Pressure Gives Young HK Directors Space to Breathe
Get the lowdown on who to watch among Hong Kong's young filmmakers as the lure of China's burgeoning box office provides space for a fresh crop of directors to offer their take on cinema and their city.
2017/09/18 | Cai Yiwen
Finding Middle Ground Between US and Chinese Classrooms
Journalist and author Lenora Chu on raising a ‘little soldier’ in the Chinese school system.
2017/09/18 | Alice Dawkins
Stranger Kings: Ancient Traditions of Chinese Power in Northeastern Myanmar
'As the Chinese state extends its reach beyond its traditional power bases in the Sino-Myanmar hills and lowland urban centers to developing a major port off the Rakhine coast, it pays to be aware of the longstanding motif of strategic Chinese infiltration,' Dawkins writes.