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2020/07/08 | Li Kua-teng
6 Ways Hong Kong’s National Security Law Contradicts Its Current Legal System
The national security law contradicts Hong Kong's de facto constitution and strips judges of their power of interpretation.
2020/07/07 | Nicholas Haggerty
Book Review: ‘Migrante’ Narrates the Exploitation of Taiwan’s Migrant Fishermen
Joe Henley has an anthropologist’s eye for interpersonal power dynamics, documenting the mistreatment of Taiwan’s migrant fishermen in his new novel, Migrante.
2020/07/06 | The Conversation
Rethinking K-pop Industry’s Silence During the Black Lives Matter Movement
The K-pop industry has generally tried to stay apolitical, but its expanding American fan base has encouraged some K-pop stars to express their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.
2020/07/03 | Ian Chen
Taiwanese Cinema Revival: Moving Beyond State Subsidies and Arthouse
After two decades of decline, Taiwanese cinema has seen a revival. We have to look far back at the Motion Picture Act and government grant scheme to understand how this happened.
2020/07/02 | The Conversation
Persistent Extreme Heat and Air Pollution Threaten Global Health
The frequency of days with both extreme heat and pollution – and the number of people that will be affected by those days – could massively increase by 2050.
2020/06/30 | Raphael Lin
OPINION: The KMT Occupation Was a Failed Sunflower Movement Parody
In occupying the legislature in a futile attempt to block the appointment of Chen Chu, the KMT chose the wrong hill to die on.
2020/06/29 | Op-Ed
OPINION: Germany Must Stop Appeasing China
Germany must live up to its claims of moral superiority in its dealings with China.
2020/06/25 | TJ Ting
OPINION: In Defense of Dragon Boat Festival
This Dragon Boat Festival, we must remember not to conflate a cultural tradition with a nation, country, or government.
2020/06/23 | TJ Ting
OPINION: What the Chinese Communist Party Fears Most
The CCP’s internet control is not about fear of the truth being exposed. Their control is more properly understood as a display of power. And what they fear the most is people not believing this power exists.
2020/06/23 | Deutsche Welle
Is the US-China Rivalry Tangling a Coronavirus Vaccine With Geopolitics?
In China, getting to a vaccine first would be a shot in the arm for its global image as a technology leader. In the U.S., an America-first vaccine could boost President Donald Trump's reelection campaign.
2020/06/23 | Esther Kao
Are We Ready for Higher Education to Go Remote?
Graduating from college while taking remote classes was not just a drain. It made clear the transformative power of campus life.
2020/06/22 | TNL Feature
‘Rat Tribe’: Propping up a Slumless Beijing and the ‘Chinese Dream’
Beijing appears to be a city without slums. The "Chinese dream" appears to be in reach. But both are illusions propped up by an underclass of workers called the "rat tribe."
2020/06/20 | Hiro Fu
OPINION: The KMT Wants to Revise the 1992 Consensus. It Misses the Point.
The KMT's proposed revision of its policy toward China misses the point. Taiwan has largely moved on from the KMT's basic approach towards China.
2020/06/16 | Michael Fahey
Taiwan's Plan to Attract Foreign Talent
Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has made attracting skilled workers a major goal. Legal consultant Michael Fahey gives an overview of Taiwan’s immigration policy and the remaining gaps.
2020/06/16 | Martin Boyle
The Taiwan Lobby in Europe Counters Taiwan's Progressive Reputation
The Taiwan lobby in the United States is well known. The lobby exists in the UK and Europe, too, and plays a similar role at odds with Taiwan's progressive reputation.