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2020/04/06 | Antonia Timmerman
Taiwan’s Vaunted Covid-19 Response Faces Test As Students Return Home
Thousands of students are returning to Taiwan to flee the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, challenging Taiwan's response system.
2020/04/06 | Daphne K. Lee
CECC Advises Self-Health Management for Holiday Travelers and Expands Face Mask Rules
Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center expanded the face mask requirement for all public transit and taxis. Domestic travelers who had gone on vacation over the holiday weekend are advised to work from home for 14 days.
2020/04/03 | Seb Morgan
Your Guide To Taiwan’s Tomb Sweeping Day 2020
A brief guide to Tomb Sweeping Day, updated for the coronavirus outbreak of 2020.
2020/04/02 | Safina Nabi
Covid-19 Lockdown In Kashmir Further Imperils Mental Health
Kashmir's COVID-19 lockdown comes on top of India's information "clampdown." in what may lead to a mental health crisis.
2020/04/02 | Voice of America
Trump Stopped, But Taiwan Still Refers to Covid-19 as 'Chinese Virus'
Government officials, media, and the public in Taiwan call COVID-19 the "Wuhan pneumonia" after the Chinese city where it was discovered.
2020/04/01 | Daphne K. Lee
Starting April 1, Face Mask Use Mandated for Intercity Transportation
Ahead of the Tomb Sweeping holiday weekend, the Ministry of Transportation enforces face mask use on intercity rail and bus transportation. This regulation does not apply to the MRT or city buses.
2020/03/31 | Michael Beltran
Basic Needs Unmet in the Philippines While Duterte Exploits Emergency Powers
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is taking advantage of his emergency powers during the COVID-19 pandemic while the elites benefit. But Filipino activist groups do not remain silent.
2020/03/31 | Deutsche Welle
'Chinese-Looking' Indians Targeted in Racist Attacks
A nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19 has created panic and anger among Indians. Now there are reports of attacks against people from northeastern states that border China, Murali Krishnan reports.
2020/03/30 | Syrena Lin
How Do Taiwan's Coronavirus Hotline and Quarantine System Work?
The CECC advises people with coronavirus symptoms to call the 1922 hotline for consultation and reporting. How is a test arranged? What about those who are already in home quarantine?
2020/03/30 | Voice of America
Hassled in China, American Journalists Are Invited to Try Taiwan. Why Would They Go?
Taiwan's foreign minister said the five American journalists expelled from China are welcome to station in Taiwan.
2020/03/27 | Voice of America
US Leads the World in Coronavirus Cases
New York state is the epicenter of the US outbreak, where the number of confirmed cases is growing by 3,000 a day.
2020/03/24 | TNL Staff
Netflix to Unveil More Korean Dramas for Quarantine Entertainment
Netflix will roll out more Korean drama series and films to keep people entertained during coronavirus quarantine.
2020/03/24 | Voice of America
Singapore Bucks Virus Trend as Schools Reopen
Facing the prospect of economic crisis, Singapore re-opens its schools.
2020/03/23 | Voice of America
Coronavirus Technology Carries Troubling Side Effects for Privacy, Press Freedom 
Global emergency measures and tools to tackle COVID-19 outbreak risk privacy, free expression rights, international bodies warn.
2020/03/20 | The Conversation
How Chinese People Came Together With Humor and Creativity During Lockdown
Acts of kindness and humor in Wuhan during the coronavirus lockdown remind us of the human aspects of life, even in times of crisis.
2020/03/18 | Deutsche Welle
China Expels US Journalists in Escalating Media Freedom Row
Beijing has expelled 13 journalists from three major U.S. newspapers in one of the country's biggest crackdowns on the foreign press. The decision comes after Chinese and U.S. leaders feuded over the coronavirus pandemic.
2020/03/18 | Daphne K. Lee
Taiwan to Ban Entry of Foreign Travelers Over Imported Coronavirus Cases
Taiwan will ban foreign nationals from entering the country starting on March 19 due to a surge in imported coronavirus cases.
2020/03/17 | Voice of America
'Unprecedented' Lockdown of Manila Expected to Cut Philippine Economic Growth
The Philippine capital and its core suburbs will ban people from coming or going through April 14 to contain spread of the coronavirus.