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2020/04/20 | Voice of America
Could Virus See Rohingya 'Floating Coffins' Crisis Return to ASEAN?
Human rights groups are urging Malaysia and Thailand to accept the Rohingya refugees who are floating between the shores.
2020/04/20 | Coco Dollanganger
How Is the Philippines Plotting Its Tourism Recovery?
The Philippine government, resort chains, and travel influencers are each trying to keep the country's tourism industry afloat while planning its post-pandemic recovery.
2020/04/19 | Deutsche Welle
Hong Kong Protest Figures Arrested: Reports
Hong Kong media say police have arrested a dozen pro-democracy advocates over "unlawful" protests held in August and October last year. Officers also arrested media tycoon Jimmy Lai, founder of Apple Daily.
2020/04/17 | Syrena Lin
Domestic Violence Rises in Isolation. Taiwan Has Yet to Act.
Statistics from New Taipei City show recent growth in domestic violence cases, but Taiwan has not enacted any additional policies or adjusted services.
2020/04/17 | Voice of America
Trump Announces Plan to Reopen US Economy
U.S. President Donald Trump announced a three-step plan titled "Opening Up America Again" to reopen businesses.
2020/04/16 | Jennifer Gunther
Taiwanese Vaccine Manufacturer in Coronavirus Testing Phase
Taiwan's Adimmune Corporation is beginning animal tests for a Covid-19 vaccine.
2020/04/16 | Deutsche Welle
South Korea Ruling Party Wins Election With Parliamentary Majority
The party of South Korea's President Moon Jae-in has won a landslide victory in a parliamentary election. The vote had the highest turnout in decades despite being held under strict health controls due to coronavirus.
2020/04/15 | TNL Staff
The Story Behind the 'Taiwan Can Help' Ad on New York Times
On Tuesday, the New York Times ran an ad funded by a grassroots campaign to highlight Taiwan's success in the Covid-19 pandemic despite exclusion from the WHO. Here's the background on how this came about.
2020/04/15 | Voice of America
Africans in China Complain of Coronavirus-Linked Discrimination
Reports of evictions in Guangzhou and quarantines targeting Africans has caused diplomatic tensions.
2020/04/14 | Voice of America
Covid-19 Cases Near Zero in Taiwan, But Restrictions Remain
Although Taiwan's Covid-19 case count grows by only a few cases per day, emergency government policies will remain in place until the crisis overseas abates.
2020/04/10 | Nicholas Haggerty
Taiwanese Research Team Identifies Covid-19 Protease Inhibitor
Researchers at Academia Sinica announced that they had identified inhibitors of COVID-19 in vitro, laying groundwork for animal and human testing.
2020/04/10 | Daphne K. Lee
Animal Crossing Disappeared From Stores in China
China quietly removed Animal Crossing from the shelves overnight, prompting netizen outrage.
2020/04/09 | Michael Beltran
Mass Arrests in the Philippines as Lockdown Tightens
The mass arrest of 21 protestors on April 1 in Quezon City is the latest flashpoint in the government's draconian lockdown.
2020/04/09 | Voice of America
Coronavirus Turns Vietnam from Recipient to Donor
Vietnam donates medical supplies to richer nations despite smaller economy.
2020/04/09 | Daphne K. Lee
Taiwan Challenges WHO Leader's Accusations, Renews Medical Aid Commitment
Taiwan's MOFA has responded to accusations of racism from WHO head Dr. Tedro by condemning the groundless attacks and announcing new medical aid efforts.
2020/04/08 | Kirsten Han
Coronavirus: How Effective Is Singapore’s Anti-Fake News Law?
The so-called anti-fake news law in Singapore — POFMA — doesn't stop all misinformation, while leaving in place a powerful mechanism that can be abused when the crisis is over.
Agave Can Be Used For Biofuel and Hand-Sanitizers, Researchers Say
Researchers from the University of Sydney argue that agave is a potential a sustainable source of biofuel and hand-sanitizers.
2020/04/07 | Deutsche Welle
Coronavirus: Trump Warns India of Retaliation Over 'Game-Changer' Drug
The U.S. president has touted hydroxychloroquine as a "gift from God" in its potential to cure COVID-19. But India, the world’s main supplier of generic drugs, has banned its export.