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2020/06/16 | Deutsche Welle
North Korean Destroys Inter-Korean Liason Office in Kaesong: Yonhap
North Korea has been ratcheting up tensions with the South in recent weeks and has threatened to deploy the military to the border region.
2020/06/15 | Deutsche Welle
Kim Jong Un's Sister Threatens Military Action Against South Korea
Seoul has held an urgent security meeting after the latest threat of military action from Pyongyang. Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said her army would "surely" take action against the South.
2020/06/13 | Daphne K. Lee
Black Lives Matter Rallies in Taipei
Hundreds attended a Taipei rally in solidarity with the global Black Lives Matter movement.
2020/06/12 | Voice of America
Zoom Temporarily Suspends Account After Hosting Tiananmen Square Event
Humanitarian China, an organization focused on providing relief for political prisoners and activists, had its Zoom account shut down. "It seems possible Zoom acted on pressure from the CCP," the organization said in a statement.
2020/06/11 | Voice of America
China Uses Cabbage to Advance Disputed Asian Sea Claim
The Chinese navy has just harvested crops it had grown on Woody Island in the South China Sea. This could be used as proof of China’s economic activity on the disputed territory.
2020/06/10 | TNL Staff
Han Kuo-yu Accepts Fate; Revenge Recalls and Rally Planned by Supporters
Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu will not challenge the results of the referendum that ousted him from office. But his supporters have applied to hold a rally in Taipei, and citizens groups have launched campaigns to recall politicians who supported Han's removal.
2020/06/10 | Michael Beltran
Philippine Activists: ‘Cloned’ Facebook Account Attacks Possibly Linked to Government
The Philippine government’s efforts to stifle dissent took an absurd twist when thousands of university students, faculty, and journalists woke up on Sunday to find cloned Facebook profiles of themselves.
2020/06/10 | Voice of America
China, Singapore Plan Covid-19 'Bubble' for Essential Travel
Travelers from China and Singapore can apply for a travel permit in their respective governments and, if approved, pay for and pass the coronavirus test twice before departure and after landing.
2020/06/09 | Deutsche Welle
North Korea to Sever All Communication With South Korea
North Korea says it will shut down all cross-border hotlines with the South at noon on Tuesday. Kim Jong Un's sister had threatened to cut ties over Seoul's failure to stop activists from sending leaflets across the border.
2020/06/08 | Voice of America
Australia, China Clash Over Covid-19 Racism Claims
China has warned its citizens against travel to Australia, citing a significant increase in racist attacks on Chinese and Asian people. Australian officials have denied the accusation.
2020/06/06 | Daphne K. Lee
Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu Recalled
Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu is the first elected Taiwanese politician to be ousted by a recall referendum.
2020/06/04 | TNL Staff
Taipei Holds Tiananmen Vigil in Solidarity With Hong Kong
Taipei holds its annual Tiananmen vigil and shows support for Hong Kong, where the memorial was banned for the first time in 30 years.
2020/06/04 | Voice of America
Philippines Reinstates Pact With US Military
The Philippines has decided to reinstate its Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States, an about-face from President Duterte's plans in February to cancel the pact.
2020/06/03 | TNL Staff
Taiwan to Offer Stimulus Coupons Targeting Retail and Leisure Industries
Starting July 15, Taiwanese citizens and foreign spouses can pay NT$1,000 for an NT$3,000 voucher that can be used at most stores.
2020/06/02 | Voice of America
Hong Kong Tiananmen Vigil Officially Banned
Hong Kong police formally banned the annual Tiananmen candlelit vigil to mourn victims of the crackdown. The vigil has taken place uninterrupted for 30 years.
2020/06/01 | Voice of America
On US College Campuses, Student Groups Call for Closure of Beijing-Funded Confucius Institutes
An open letter from two major U.S. college political organizations has called for the closure of Confucius Institutes, citing the threat the institutes pose to academic freedom.
2020/05/29 | Rik Glauert
Adultery No Longer Criminal Offense in Taiwan
Until the ruling today, Taiwan had been the last country in East Asia with criminal adultery laws.
2020/05/29 | Voice of America
China’s Hong Kong Security Law Risks 'Intimidating’ US, Observers Say
As the National People's Congress concludes in China, analysts fear that the approval of the Hong Kong national security law may undermine the city's semi-autonomous status and lead to a U.S.-China Cold War.