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2018/06/30 | China Labour Bulletin

China's Guangdong Province Raises Minimum Wages for First Time in 3 Years

The minimal adjustment comes amid reluctance from local government to raise costs for businesses.

2018/06/29 | TIME

South Korea Rules to End Conscription for Conscientious Objectors

Those who refuse to serve will now face community service rather than three years in jail.

2018/06/19 | TIME

Trump Escalates Tit for Tat Tariff War with China

The Trump administration shows no signs of tamping down the rhetoric on China's unfair trade practices.

2018/06/15 | TIME

Flush from Singapore Success, Trump OKs $35-55 Bln Tariffs on Chinese Imports

After his foreign policy foray in Asia, Trump is returning to his core message of economic nationalism.

2018/06/13 | TIME

New AIT Complex in Taipei Shows Strength of US Commitment to Taiwan

The US$250-million complex shows the strength of the US commitment to Taiwan.

2018/06/12 | TIME

Trump-Kim Summit Delivers Signatures, Assurances and Show of Unity

The nature of the documents signed and whether North Korea will abide by their terms remains to be seen.

2018/06/07 | China Labour Bulletin

Wage Cuts Drive China's Online Food Delivery Workers to Strike

Workers around China are protesting against wages cuts and poor working conditions amid cut-throat competition in the online food delivery market.