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2018/02/28 | Penny Lau

Tencent Takes on Staff-less Retail as Competition with Alibaba Hots up

Competition to lead in 'new retail' in China threatens to shape the shopping experience of the future.

2018/02/20 | TNL Staff

As Hualien Recovers, Focus Shifts to Reviving Tourism

Hualien's county magistrate wants to use vouchers to lure in tourists.

2018/02/17 | Edwin Yapp

Cashing Out: E-Payments Advance in Malaysia, Taiwan & Singapore

China may be ahead in the mobile payment game, but these countries are starting to catch up.

2018/02/13 | David Green

Dutch Trade Office: Taiwan Must Act Now to Build a Circular Future

Taiwan must move on from mere sloganeering when it comes to circular economy and set binding targets to galvanize industry.

2018/02/12 | Morley J Weston

How to Catch Taiwan at the Winter Olympic Games

The country-that-cannot-be-named has never won a medal at a Winter Olympics.

2018/02/07 | David Green

TAIWAN: Major Quake Collapses Buildings in Hualien

A major earthquake has resulted in two fatalities and at least 100 injuries in the city of Hualien on Taiwan's east coast.

2018/02/03 | Nick Aspinwall

Contraband for Sale: How Poachers Supply Sanyi's Thriving Wood Art Market

In this Miaoli County woodcarving mecca, there’s a consistent demand for sculptures made from the wood of endangered trees. Government crackdowns on poachers have only fueled the market.