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2018/01/26 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Airplane Wars

A tit-for-tat spat over airline routes highlights the deplorable state of cross-Strait ties.

2018/01/26 | TIME

US Slams North Korean Oil, Shipping with Fresh Sanctions

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called on China and Russia to expel illicit actors.

2018/01/26 | David Green

Survey of Global Firms in Taiwan Blasts Labor Laws, Warns on Talent

Taiwan-based business leaders from global companies suggest the country is slipping behind in the regional race.

2018/01/25 | Liang Chenyu

China's HIV-positive Population Gets Single Pill Relief

Treatments previously comprised a cocktail of pills.

2018/01/22 | David Green

Why Even Digital Publishers Should 'Like' Facebook’s News Feed Change

Changes to Facebook's news feed will likely benefit users, advertisers and maybe even journalism.

2018/01/21 | TNL Staff

Week in Focus: Joshua Wong Heads Back to Jail

Freedom around the region defined the week as Joshua Wong again provided a focus for the decline of liberty in Hong Kong.

2018/01/18 | David Green

INTERVIEW: Making Remittances Easier for Asia's Migrant Workers

EMQ has made remittances easier in Hong Kong and now aims to expand into payments as it deepens its network in Asia and beyond.

2018/01/17 | TIME

Joshua Wong Imprisoned Again for 2014 Protests

The Hong Kong democracy activist is returning to prison for 'defying a court order.'

2018/01/12 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Kim and Moon Dance on Thin Ice

Talks between North and South Korea are a fragile first step towards de-escalating conflict on the peninsula.

2018/01/10 | David Green

INTERVIEW: KMT Legislator Jason Hsu on Tech, Labor and the Singapore Model

As protests against Taiwan's labor laws rage outside government buildings in Taipei, KMT legislator Jason Hsu talks about a future in which technology can help solve Taiwan's public policy problems.

2018/01/08 | David Green

Taiwan Shines a Light in the Darkness with Fintech Sandbox

The sandbox is a first step towards a more flexible regulatory approach as Taiwan attempts to compete in a global race to attract fintech talent and capital.

2018/01/08 | TIME

Malaysia's Opposition Opts for Mahathir, Again

Various voices scorned the opposition alliance's appointment of the 92-year-old as its candidate for PM in the forthcoming general election.

2018/01/05 | Zhang Liping

Alipay Apologizes for Coaxing Customers into Revealing Credit Scores

China's 'social credit' system just grew a little more pervasive.

2018/01/05 |

Malaysian NGOs Sound Warning on PM Candidates

Civil society groups are urging Malaysia's major political parties not to throw stones from within glass houses.

2018/01/04 | Bibek Bhandari

China Aims to Protect Environment through Tax

China continues its administrative attempts to cure the country of its environmental ills.

2018/01/02 | GlobalVoices 全球之聲

Threats to Online Expression Plague South Asia

From internet shutdowns to killings of journalists, clampdowns on internet freedoms are on the rise across the region.