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2017/03/29 | ZiQing Low

Taiwanese Detained in China Talked Democracy, Human Rights on WeChat

Lee Ming-che is being detained in China by a branch of the state security police.

2017/03/29 | Kirsten Han

Singapore Establishment Licks its Wounds after US Court says Amos Yee Persecuted for Political Views

‘Allowing immunity for hate speech only encourages the undermining of values in a functional democracy,’ said the head of the Law Society of Singapore.

2017/03/29 | Oiwan Lam

China's Great Firewall Gives Rise to a Robust Industry of Information Smugglers

More often than not, information smugglers prioritize things like click rates over hard-hitting public interest journalism.

2017/03/28 | TNL Staff

Former Taiwan President Innocent of Leaking Classified Information

The former president has been cleared of several violations related to a wiretapping case in 2013.

2017/03/28 | ZiQing Low

South Korean Retailer Strains to Win Back Chinese Customers

Nearly 90 Lotte stores in China have been shut down amid China’s boycott of South Korea.

2017/03/28 | TNL Staff

Riot Breaks Out in Paris After Police Kill Chinese Man

Witnesses say the police used batons and tear gas to break up the group.

2017/03/28 | Jackson Kwok

How China’s Media Saw Li Keqiang’s Australian Visit

Chinese state media coverage of the premier’s visit aimed to promote China as a champion of global free trade and open markets.

2017/03/27 | Saigoneer

Coffee Production in Vietnam Faces Dark Future Under Climate Change

Rising temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns may cost Vietnam 50 percent of its current Robusta coffee production areas by 2050.

2017/03/27 | ZiQing Low

'Large-Scale Political Prosecution' as Hong Kong Police Crack Down on Occupy Leaders

Former student leaders of the Umbrella Movement expect large-scale political prosecution following the election of pro-China Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam.