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2016/06/13 | TNL Staff

Chinese Films Cross Fingers for Distribution Slot in Taiwan

Cross-strait relations don’t only come up in politics, but in the movie industry as well. And in this battle, the Chinese are at a disadvantage in the Taiwanese market.

2016/06/13 | Shuhei Omi

Ma Blocked from Hong Kong: Security Risk or Political Football?

The Tsai administration has rejected former president Ma’s application to travel to Hong Kong, inciting finger-pointing from both sides of Taiwan’s politics.

2016/06/13 | TNL Staff

Second Canadian Hostage Killed by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines

The ISIS-linked organization had set a deadline of 3pm today to receive ransom. Two other hostages remain in captivity.

2016/06/13 | J. Michael Cole

Reading the Tea Leaves in the Taiwan Strait

Is the relationship coming to an end? Has Beijing embarked on a policy of disciplining Taiwan for making the ‘wrong’ choices? It’s simply too soon to tell.

2016/06/13 | Edward White

Sex Trafficking Operations Unchecked as Cops Chase KPIs

Large sex trafficking operations in Taiwan are not being investigated or prosecuted because police don’t want to jeopardize their performance reports.

2016/06/13 | Chublic Opinion

Road Rage in Beijing

After years of dizzying growth in China, dissatisfaction seems to be gathering under the banner of fairness.

2016/06/10 | J. Michael Cole

Racist ‘Citizen Journalist’ Videos Spark Outrage in Taiwan

The almost universal reaction to a recent harassment case targeting elderly ‘Mainlanders’ in Kaohsiung shows that Taiwan has transcended archaic definitions of citizenship. But China may still use this to its advantage.

2016/06/10 | Yuan-ling Liang

Taiwan Waltzing Into a Mini Cold War?

Taiwan seems unaware it is moving into the middle of a new Cold War between the U.S. and China, a local academic says.

2016/06/09 | Olivia Yang

Is Gao Xingjian Running Out of Inspiration?

The Chinese-born winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature seems to want to make a splash in the painting world, but is his latest exhibition in Taipei boosting his image?

2016/06/08 | Bing-sheng Lee

Education to Blame for Taiwan’s Struggling Publishing Industry

Many Taiwanese students have not developed a reading habit and do not consider it an important part of their daily life. The result? A stagnant book market.

2016/06/08 | J. Michael Cole

For Beijing, Student Exchanges May Simply Be a Means to an End

If the reports are true, Beijing may have decided to ‘punish’ Taiwan and the DPP by barring young Chinese nationals from studying in Taiwan.

2016/06/08 | Edward White

Hong Kong Independence Movement Is Open-Minded on Tactics

As one group of activists is acquitted over charges related to protests in Hong Kong, another vows to take up the fight.

2016/06/08 | Sumit Kumar

The Stars Are Aligned: The Future of India-Taiwan Relations

With a DPP government in Taiwan and a BJP-led government in India, there is a growing desire among diplomats, strategists, journalists and others for the two countries to consolidate, if not expand, their bilateral ties.

2016/06/08 | Olivia Yang

Students Refuse to Pull Photo From Female Body Hair Exhibition

Despite pressure from local residents, National Taiwan University respected the decision by a group of students not to remove an 'erotic' photo at a recent exhibition.

2016/06/07 | Kirsten Han

'Pink Dot' Pushes the Envelope in Singapore As State Tightens Rules

This year’s LGBT pride event took a baby step toward being a little more like a protest. Meanwhile, the government is trying to ban sponsorship by foreign entities of events at Hong Lim Park.

2016/06/07 | Edward White

INTERVIEW: Hong Kong's Joshua Wong Takes the Fight to Beijing

"The problem is, we are facing the largest communist regime in the 21st century. Sometimes, the largest enemy towards democracy is not the regime or the ruling class. It is the fear in our heart."

2016/06/07 | Wu Jianguo

Are Scholars Giving In to Chinese Propaganda?

‘Under direct and indirect influence from China, academic freedom is being extensively dishonored in Western countries.’

2016/06/07 | J. Michael Cole

Change Doesn’t Come Out of Thin Air

President Tsai has vowed to transform the way government operates by empowering young people and bringing new voices into her administration. For this to happen, the conservatives will have to be willing to bow out gracefully.