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2016/06/24 | Zulaikha Zulkifli

Malaysian Taxi Drivers Confront Uber Rivals

"The more we protest, the more people want to use Uber and GrabCar."

2016/06/23 | Olivia Yang

[UPDATE] China Airlines Flight Attendants Strike, Flights Cancelled

The result of a vote held by the Taoyuan Flight Attendants' Union is allowing China Airlines flight attendants to legally strike.

2016/06/23 | Olivia Yang

Following in Taiwan's Footsteps, Australia Returns Land To Aboriginals

While Australia has settled one of its longest-running native land right claims, Taiwan has also been dealing with similar issues for the past two decades.

2016/06/23 | Yuan-ling Liang

Taiwanese Hackers Come to the Rescue of Languishing Fish Stocks

Taiwanese hacking skills are helping to preserve global fish stocks.

2016/06/23 | Yuan-ling Liang

Cooking With Taiwanese Memory: The Famous Tatung Electric Pot

The pot has accompanied Taiwanese families and students abroad for more than a half century.

2016/06/23 | Jules Quartly

Global Zika Threat Stimulates Dengue Prevention in Taiwan

Taiwan is redoubling efforts to halt the spread of dengue fever, which has hit the southern part of the island hard over the past two years.

2016/06/23 | Shuhei Omi

Yulin Dog Festival: Western Criticism vs. Local Patriotism

The controversial Yulin Dog Festival kicked off on Monday amid an outpour of opposition from U.S. celebrities. But how is China reacting?

2016/06/23 | Fran Martin

Overseas Study An ‘Escape Route’ for Young Chinese Women

For women from China’s post-1990 generation, the greater availability of educational opportunities and influences from transnational cultural and media flows mean they tend to see their own gendered identity in a more individualized way.

2016/06/23 | Edward White

Hong Kong No Longer a Safe Place to Criticize China

'No One is Safe.' Does the Causeway Bay booksellers saga spell the end for China’s ‘one-country two-systems’ and pose a serious threat for foreigners in Hong Kong?

2016/06/23 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Railway System Makes It to U.S. Video Awards

Iron pathways are not the only feature of Taiwan to have been showcased on U.S. television in series that went on to win prestigious awards.

2016/06/22 | Bing-sheng Lee

China Takes Internet Censorship to New Level

China intends to 'foster a healthy, positive Internet culture' by purging comments by its nearly 700 million Internet users.

2016/06/22 | Chang Shin-wei

More Trouble in China's 'Democracy Village'

Hit by renewed unrest, Wukan Village is once again in the news. And Beijing is worried.

2016/06/22 | Bing-sheng Lee

Thai Military Blasted for Campaign Against Human Rights Advocates

Activists face five years in prison for exposing torture by Thailand’s military.

2016/06/22 | Olivia Yang

Foreign Student Launches No More Free Plastic Bags Campaign in Taiwan

Every year, Taiwanese use a total of more that 20 billion plastic bags, nearly four times the quantity in the entire European Union.

2016/06/22 | Shuhei Omi

Student Movements Increasingly Assertive in Taiwan

A student group on the HSNU campus is adding to the wave of increasingly vocal and organized student movements in Taiwan.

2016/06/22 | Edward White

INTERVIEW: Jason Hsu, the New Face of Taiwan’s KMT

Can one young entrepreneur reboot the Kuomintang and change the face of politics in Taiwan?

2016/06/22 | J. Michael Cole

[UPDATE] Cambodia to Deport Taiwanese Fraud Suspects to … China

The move occurs weeks after Taiwanese suspects in Kenya and Malaysia were sent back to China.