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2016/05/04 | TNL 編輯

Taiwan Court: Sex Worker Discrimination Unacceptable

A local court in Yilan has handed down light sentences in a prostitution case and sparked discussion by bringing up Taiwan’s non-acceptance of the sex industry.

2016/05/03 | TNL 編輯

Taiwan Discovers New Drug to Stop Breast Cancer Spreading

Taiwan’s Academia Sinica has discovered a new material that can reduce the possibility of cancer cells spreading, lowering the risk of death after a tumor has been removed.

2016/05/03 | TNL 編輯

Illegal Chinese Sand Mining Causing Massive Land Reduction in Kinmen

Massive construction projects in Xiamen have led to Chinese sand miners illegally extracting from Kinmen. These activities both reduce the size of the coastline and harm the ecological environment in Kinmen. Scientists believe that Kinmen may not be the only victim.