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2016/12/31 | Edward White

Taiwan to be Tested in 2017: President Tsai

Tsai Ing-wen today held her first major briefing and Q&A with the foreign press in Taipei.

2016/12/31 | Hsu Chia-yu

Here’s How Not To Get Stuck in Taipei’s Xinyi District On New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a big event in Taiwan, capped off by the fireworks display at Taipei 101. Unfortunately, big events lead to big crowds that end up clogging the streets and messing up your schedule.

2016/12/31 | John Costello

China's Cyber-Focused Military Unit Emerges from the Shadows

The 'Strategic Support Force' has become a force optimized for combat in space, cyberspace, and the electromagnetic domain that will enhance the PLA’s capability to fight and win future information wars.

2016/12/30 | Hsu Chia-yu

China's 10 Biggest Stories in 2016

A look back at another year of significant change in China.

2016/12/30 | Hsu Chia-yu

Taiwan's 10 Biggest Stories in 2016

The 10 biggest stories around Taiwan this year.

2016/12/29 | Yuan-ling Liang

Startup Tapping a Beauty Product Goldmine from Taipei

Ten questions with the founder of a startup tapping into the world of Asian beauty product reviews.

2016/12/29 | Kirsten Han

Amos Yee Awaits Appearance before US Immigration Judge

Singaporean teenage blogger Amos Yee remains detained in the United States while his application for political asylum is referred to an immigration judge.

2016/12/29 | Wang Lianzhang

E-Commerce Seller Sabotages Competition in China, Receives Jail Sentence

First prison conviction in China for an e-commerce merchant found guilty of deceptive sales tactics.

2016/12/28 | TNL Staff

Trending in Taiwan Today

Check out today's biggest stories around Taiwan.

2016/12/27 | Joydeep Gupta

Green Smudge on the Sahara

At the western edge of the desert that stretches from India to North Africa, an experimental Jatropha plantation shows promise

2016/12/27 | TNL Staff

Trending in Taiwan Today

The biggest stories around Taiwan today.

2016/12/27 | Hsu Chia-yu

Nazi Parade School Slammed for Misrepresenting Indigenous Massacre

The students have been slammed for being 'disrespectful' and 'totally ignorant of history.'

2016/12/27 | ZiQing Low

Taiwan Nazi Parade Continues Decades of Ignorance; Netizens Defend Students

Taiwan's Jewish leaders say the incident is 'a cause for great concern,' while some Taiwanese are defending the students.

2016/12/27 | Kirsten Han

Amos Yee Could Face Longer Detention Period for US Asylum Bid

The Singaporean teenage blogger was detained on Dec. 16 in Chicago after authorities discovered that he intended to seek asylum in the United States. His lawyer now says that it's possible he could be facing a longer period in jail.

2016/12/27 | Timothy Ferry

Tesla Arrives in Taiwan (Finally)

Though car sales have just started, the company has been sourcing from Taiwan for some time.