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2016/11/30 | Olivia Yang

Trending in Taiwan Today

Today’s biggest stories from around Taiwan.

2016/11/30 | ZiQing Low

App to Detect Dementia Developed in Taiwan

Someone in the world is diagnosed with dementia every three seconds.

2016/11/30 | David Paulk

Chinese Scientists Reprimanded by Academic Journal

Following a Chinese team’s 'breakthrough' in gene editing, researchers around the world began attempting to replicate the experiment. They soon found they could not achieve the same outcome.

2016/11/30 | Kyodo News

Japanese Prison Remodeled to Accommodate Elderly Inmates but Draws Criticism

Taxpayers are questioning if it's necessary 'to provide criminals with facilities almost like a hotel.'

2016/11/28 | Malaysiakini

Japanese Skating Rink Closed after Outrage Over Fish Frozen in Ice

The operator is considering holding a memorial service for the fish.

2016/11/28 | Mo Tz-pin

South China Sea Watch No. 9

An overview of the past week's key developments in the South China Sea.

2016/11/28 | Edward White

Heat on DPP as Marriage Equality Draws Thousands to Streets

Pressure is mounting on Taiwan’s ruling party to advance marriage equality, as religious lobbying threatens to derail the passage of legislation.

2016/11/26 | TNL Staff

PHOTO STORY: Fidel Castro Dies

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died, aged 90.

2016/11/26 | Jordan Todorov

This Artist Used over 6,500 Scents to Recreate The Smell of 35 World Cities

Inside the very comprehensive smell library of Berlin-based olfactory expert Sissel Tolaas.

2016/11/25 | ZiQing Low

What's on in Taiwan this Weekend (11/25-27)

What's on this weekend in Taiwan.

2016/11/24 | Olivia Yang

Jane Goodall Meets Tsai Ing-wen: Compromising the Future and Making a Difference

'With every single day you live you make some kind of impact on the world, and you have a choice what kind of impact will you make.'

2016/11/24 | Lin Qiqing

NGO Sues Dalian to Protect Historic City Street in China

The case marks a second time courts accept a group’s suit against the government over protection of cultural relics.

2016/11/23 | Edward White

Support for Proposed Law Change for Foreigners in Taiwan

KMT legislator's plan includes allowing dual citizenship, extending residency granted to a foreigner to their spouse and children and relaxing rules for companies hiring foreigners.

2016/11/22 | Wang Lianzhang

Sino Sequel to Emma Watson Book-Sharing Story

‘Harry Potter’ actress inspires Chinese netizens to leave books in metro stations and train carriages.