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2016/10/29 | TNL Staff

[PHOTO STORY] Taiwan Pride Parade

Taiwan's LGBT community is celebrating tonight. The annual Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade is one of the biggest in Asia and was expected to draw some 80,000 people to the streets of Taipei today. This year's event arrives with Taiwan on the cusp of becoming the first country in the region to legalize same-sex marriage.

2016/10/28 | Edward White

INTERVIEW: Taiwan's 'Digital' Minister, Audrey Tang

This is the first of a three-part interview with Taiwan’s ‘genius hacker'.

2016/10/28 | Hsu Chia-yu

TNLI Listing of Weekend Events (10/28-30)

What's on this weekend in Taiwan.

2016/10/28 | ZiQing Low

US-Taiwan Defense Conference Targeted by Chinese Hackers

High ranking members of the defense industry from both the U.S. and Taiwan were among the people targeted by the attack.

2016/10/27 | Mo Tz-pin

Aboriginal Group Calls on Government to Pardon Convicted Hunter

It has been three years since Tama Talum was arrested for illegal hunting. His fight continues.

2016/10/27 | Olivia Yang

'It Could Be You Or Me': Interview With UNHCR Communications Officer Caroline Gluck

'These are people like you and me, who had homes, jobs and pride. Their kids went to school. They were proud of their country.'

2016/10/27 | Yuan-ling Liang

Meet the Start-up that Wants to Tidy Your Room

Ten questions with the founders of Tidy Man, a Taipei-based startup fighting against waste, clutter and, sometimes, heartbreak.

2016/10/27 | Yan Jie

Chinese Delivery Industry Leaves Trail of Tape and Cardboard

Report says courier services used enough adhesive tape in 2015 to circle Earth 425 times.

2016/10/26 | Qian Jinghua

Boom and Bust of Shenzhen’s International Schools

Some institutions shut within a year of opening in the thriving but chaotic industry.

2016/10/25 | The Japan Times

Heading for All-Out War in Yemen

Reinvigorated diplomacy that will culminate in a power-sharing agreement is needed to halt Yemen's slide to civil war and avert a humanitarian catastrophe.

2016/10/24 | Mo Tz-pin

Taiwanese Star Fired from Chinese Movie for 'Separatism'

Another day, another Taiwanese artist barred from performing in China.

2016/10/24 | Edward White

Threats Against Turks in Taipei Referred to Police

Threats have been made against people associated with the so-called Gulen movement in Taiwan.

2016/10/24 | Mo Tz-pin

Hong Kongers OK with Better Rights for LGBT Couples: Study

The LGBT community in Hong Kong could gain momentum from the positive results of a new study.

2016/10/22 | Steven Crook

INTERVIEW: American Travel Writer on Taiwan's 'Subtle Magic'

Joshua Samuel Brown will be heading back to Taiwan in January 2017 to begin on his fourteenth book, a hybrid travelogue/guidebook titled, 'Formosa Moon for Things Asian Press.'

2016/10/22 | Malaysiakini

Singapore Blogger Amos Yee Prison Abuse Claims to be Investigated

Singapore authorities will look into alleged abuse of jailed blogger Amos Yee.

2016/10/21 | ZiQing Low

World Responds to Xi-Duterte Meeting

Experts and academics weigh in as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ends his China visit with a series of surprising announcements, including a 'separation from the U.S.'