KMT and TPP Set To Have A Second Cross-Party Negotiation

TNL Staff

Leaders of the KMT and the TPP will have a bilateral talk on Wednesday (15th) to discuss the way of co-authoring a joint ticket in the 2024 presidential race.


How a Myanmar Offensive Challenges China Stance on Stability

Voice of America

China faces a challenge in determining whether it prioritizes stability or influence in the wake of a coordinated attack by three ethnic groups along the China-Myanmar border.


Analysts: Taiwan Won’t Feature Prominently in Biden-Xi Meeting

Voice of America

As the U.S. and China prepare for a meeting between President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, analysts predict that they will try to limit discussions about Taiwan due to their fundamental differences.


China Bends to Seoul’s Demands on Tracking Fishing Boats

Voice of America

China has agreed to a new maritime deal with South Korea requiring Chinese fishing vessels to keep location tracking devices turned on when operating in South Korean waters.


Taiwan, UK Expand On Bilateral Trade Partnership 

TNL Staff

The deepening economic and trade relations between the UK and Taiwan is highly beneficial as Taiwan seeks to gain access to the CPTPP.


New Study Sizes up How Countries See the US and China

Voice of America

A study reveals that 24 countries have more favorable views of the US than China, particularly in high and middle-income countries.


Will Israel-Hamas war affect India's economy?

Deutsche Welle

Affected by elevated oil cost amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, India is exploring alternative sources such as Russia, Guyana, Canada, Gabon, Brazil, and Colombia to mitigate potential disruptions in oil supply.

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