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2017/02/20 | ZiQing Low
Taiwan Same-Sex Marriage Supporters and Opponents Agree to Talks
LGBT rights activists worry that amendments to the Civil Code will be further delayed despite the discussions.
2017/02/20 | TNL Staff
New Suspects in North Korea Assassination; Chinese Uproar on Dalai Lama's US Visit; Japan-US Ties Under Trump
Asia Morning Update: A quick roundup of the most important news from around the region.
2017/02/18 | Rosemary Chen
Uber Reaches New Agreement with Taiwan Government
Uber’s ride-sharing service has been considered illegal in Taiwan and suspended operations on Feb. 10. But the company may have found a way back in after a recent meeting with the government.
Migrant Food-Delivery Workers Struggle to Belong in Beijing
Changes to Beijing’s household registration system aim for greater inclusiveness, but some service-industry workers remain vulnerable.
2017/02/17 | Mo Tz-pin
North Korean Assassination Sends Waves Around the World
What does the death of Kim Jong-un’s big brother mean to North Korea, China and the US?
2017/02/14 | Mo Tz-pin
Valentine's Day: 'Crush this Love Capitalism'
'Religious overtones have been twisted and turned into a vehicle to make money.'
2017/02/14 | Olivia Yang
INTERVIEW: Bringing the ‘Instagram Printing Vendor’ to Taiwan
'I was the only one who believed in it,' says Mike Sung, the 26-year-old who introduced FotoNota to Taiwan.
2017/02/09 | TNL Staff
Hundreds Lashed in Indonesia under Sharia Law
Sharia laws are particularly harsh for women and the LGBT community.
2017/02/07 | Rosemary Chen
HK Youth Suicides Spark Calls for Fresh Look at Academic Pressure
Two secondary school students in Hong Kong committed suicide within a 24-hour time span this week.
2017/02/06 | Rosemary Chen
Taiwan Hits Record Tourist Numbers Despite Plunge in Chinese
A record 10.7 million people visited Taiwan in 2016 with a boost in tourists from Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia offsetting a sharp decline in Chinese.
2017/02/04 | Olivia Yang
Taiwan Film Industry Concerns Raised amid Berlinale Excitement
While three Taiwanese films are looking forward to the annual international film festival, unresolved problems remain and threaten the local film industry.
Yunnan Village Turns ‘Grapes of God’ into Big Bucks
As China’s demand for wine grows, a small Catholic village with a 150-year tradition is raking in the profits.
2017/02/03 | Li Xueqing
Drones Lure Young Chinese Back to Farming
As agriculture grows more high-tech, an entrepreneurial spirit draws the children of Xinjiang’s farmers back to their childhood homes.
2017/02/03 | Rosemary Chen
Contradictions, Confusion and a Blackout in China after Billionaire taken from Hong Kong
Since 2014, under President Xi Jinping’s corruption crackdown more than 2,000 so-called economic fugitives, including more than 300 former officials, have been returned to China from more than 70 countries and regions.