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2017/01/20 | TNL Staff
Trending this Week
The biggest stories from Taiwan and around Asia this week.
2017/01/20 | TNL Staff
Taiwanese Believe They Are a Bargaining Chip for President Trump: Poll
While the Taiwanese were excited by the Trump-Tsai phone call, a survey has found most believe the island-nation is just a bargaining chip for the new U.S. president.
2017/01/20 | Qian Jinghua
Gay Mom Asks China’s Congress to Allow IVF for Unmarried Women
Advocates say allowing procreation outside of marriage could boost lagging fertility rate.
2017/01/19 | Olivia Yang
Why Aren't Social Businesses Booming in Taiwan?
'I’ve seen many Taiwanese social businesses trying very hard and are doing a good job, but the international community doesn’t see their efforts.'
Chinese Tech Workers Blame Trump for Job Cuts
Oracle employees say company wants to "please Trump" and move positions back to the U.S.
2017/01/17 | The Japan Times
New Technology to Assist Elderly Drivers in Japan
The development of safety mechanisms to assist elderly motorists may not have to be as high-tech as self-driving vehicles running on the latest AI technology. There is a lot that the automakers can do to help reduce accidents involving senior citizens.
2017/01/17 | Eric Grundhauser
The Voder, the First Machine to Create Human Speech
Electronic voices may be commonplace now, but the road to speech synthesis is littered with the remains of devices that promised to bring us the voice of the future — but didn’t last beyond their novelty value.
2017/01/15 | Sally Tyler
Doctor, My Eyes
From a Filipino independence leader to Syrian dictator and libertarian US senator, Sally Tyler takes a look at the political visions and impacts of eye doctors who’ve swapped patients for politics.
2017/01/14 | Swagata Yadavar
In India, 3 People Die Every 10 Minutes in Road Accidents
Road accidents accounted for 83 percent of all traffic-related deaths in India.
2017/01/13 | Rosemary Chen
Fish Hook in Taiwan's 'Green' Energy Reforms
Taiwan this week passed new legislation to deregulate the electricity market and boost the uptake of clean energy. But do the changes go far enough?
2017/01/13 | ZiQing Low
Legal Loopholes Lead to Human Rights Abuses on Taiwanese Fishing Boats: Report
An Indonesian magazine has found that many Indonesian workers working on Taiwanese fishing vessels are inexperienced.
2017/01/13 | TNL Staff
The Rise of Demagogues and the Risk of a Dark Age Extends to Asia
A tour around the worsening human rights situation facing many countries in Asia.
2017/01/13 | Wang Lianzhang
Shenzhen Closes Door on Blind Migrants
The city’s ‘hukou’ regulations say people with disabilities cannot become official residents.
2017/01/12 | TNL Staff
Tillerson Reaffirms Support for Taiwan, Likens South China Sea to Crimea
‘I think it is important that Taiwan knows we are going to live up to the commitments under the Relations Act and Six Issues Accord,’ Tillerson said.
2017/01/12 | Olivia Yang
Nigeria Orders Closure of Taiwan Office in Capital
'Taiwan will stop enjoying any privileges because it is not a country that is recognized under international law and under the position we have taken internationally we recognize the people of China,' said Nigeria's foreign minister.
2017/01/12 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwan's Van Wilder Startup
Ten questions with the chief executive of a new dating and meet-up app.
2017/01/11 | Edward White
My Party or My People? Indigenous Legislator on the Fight for Self-Determination in Taiwan
Taiwan looks set to open the door for its indigenous people to achieve some degree of autonomy. Will the rest of the population accept it?
2017/01/11 | Iftekharul Bashar
Myanmar’s Rohingya Plight Faces Jihadist Hijacking
The plight of the Rohingya minority has attracted the attention of regional and international extremist and terrorist groups.