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Taiwan’s Drone Defense: From Dependence to Dominance 

Ian Murphy

Modern warfare is evolving as smaller, asymmetric systems become more prevalent. Advances in technology have made it possible to develop smaller, more lethal weapons systems.


China Bends to Seoul’s Demands on Tracking Fishing Boats

Voice of America

China has agreed to a new maritime deal with South Korea requiring Chinese fishing vessels to keep location tracking devices turned on when operating in South Korean waters.


Information security challenges emerge often, ACW SOUTH can help forge cyber security for Taiwan

Taiwan is under foreign cyber attacks up to 30 million times on average every month. How can ACW SOUTH play its role to lay down foundations for cyber security and empower cybersec talents at the time when information and communication technology is rising and cyber threats are imminent?


Taiwan, UK Expand On Bilateral Trade Partnership 

TNL Staff

The deepening economic and trade relations between the UK and Taiwan is highly beneficial as Taiwan seeks to gain access to the CPTPP.


South Korea’s Outcry Over Fukushima Wastewater Distracts the Public from Domestic Woes

Timothy S. Rich

Survey shows that the Koreans are more concerned about Japan’s Fukushima nuclear wastewater than a similar woe which may be resulted from their domestic plants.


Wistron AiEdge Corporation Launches ZigNeurons, ZigFleet, and ZigRail, a Suite of AI-Powered Intelligent Mobility Solutions

The Mobility Solutions are focused on optimizing profitability & efficiency while lessening emissions impact of fleet and railway operations.


Child Welfare at the Forefront of Japanese Family Law Reform

East Asia Forum

Japan's Family Law Subcommittee has outlined recommendations for reforming family law, including changes to civil codes that address issues such as parental authority, adoption, and property distribution after divorce.


New Study Sizes up How Countries See the US and China

Voice of America

A study reveals that 24 countries have more favorable views of the US than China, particularly in high and middle-income countries.


Mark Chang, Chief Strategy Officer of GARAOTUS: Redefine the High-Performance Computing (HPC) and make "Computing Power" become new energy for industrial transformation

During this era of digital technology, "computing power" will become the most important "Energy" for the industry. In the future, GARAOTUS will work together to go international by forming alliances with strategic partners in these seven industrial fields.


Will Israel-Hamas war affect India's economy?

Deutsche Welle

Affected by elevated oil cost amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, India is exploring alternative sources such as Russia, Guyana, Canada, Gabon, Brazil, and Colombia to mitigate potential disruptions in oil supply.

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