Taiwan Reports Over 100 Chinese Warplanes Near Island

Deutsche Welle

Taiwan's defense ministry has called on China to cease its "destructive, unilateral action" after reporting that 103 warplanes were sent towards the island over a 24-hour period.


Taiwan Eyes New Chinese Aircraft Carrier as Major Threat

Voice of America

Taiwan's National Defense Report 2023 highlights the threat posed by China's new aircraft carrier, the Fujian, which incorporates advanced technology including electromagnetic catapults.


Mark Chang, Chief Strategy Officer of GARAOTUS: Redefine the High-Performance Computing (HPC) and make "Computing Power" become new energy for industrial transformation

During this era of digital technology, "computing power" will become the most important "Energy" for the industry. In the future, GARAOTUS will work together to go international by forming alliances with strategic partners in these seven industrial fields.


Analysts: Disappearance of China’s Defense Minister Speaks About Xi’s Heightened Authority Over the Military

TNL Staff

China’s Defense Minister, Li Shangfu, has been missing for two weeks, leading to speculation of his removal by Beijing. Analysts told The News Lens this reflects President Xi Jinping's increased authority over the military and ongoing personnel restructuring.


As Xi Jinping Snubs the G20 Summit, India Replaces China as Leader of the Global South

Global Voices

The absence of both China and Russia allowed India to take the spotlight as the leader of the Global South during the G20 summit. Some Chinese nationalist bloggers expressed opinions that China has downgraded the significance of the G20.


Phihong launches a 280W GaN Charger suitable for gaming laptop

Phihong Technology has launched new 280W GaN high power adapter designed for gaming laptops, which combines the best circuit design and manufacturing process, and can fully bring the user unprecedented miniaturization, light weight, and still provide the full standard user experience.


US, China Lay Out Vision for New World Order Amid Human Rights Differences

Voice of America

As global leaders gather for the U.N. General Assembly, the U.S. and China have unveiled contrasting visions for the future of international order.


China Denounces Europe Investigation of EVs

Deutsche Welle

China warns that the European Union’s investigation into Chinese state subsidies for electric vehicles could have a negative impact on economic and trade relations between the two.


[Audiovisual] Organizing hundreds of thousands of aerial images and footage is like an marathon: the Digital Archive program by Chi Po-lin Foundation

“Speak out for the environment through images” is what Director Chi had been committed to throughout his life, as well as what Chi Po-lin Foundation is going to continue. We will build a photography database to preserve the images showing landscape changes of the whole Taiwan, so the image legacy left by Chi Po-lin could be passed on from generations to generations. “Digital Archive” program calls for your support and advocacy.


How Can ASEAN and Its Western Partners Resist China’s South China Sea Influence?

TNL Feature

China seeks to dominate the SCS region while avoiding direct military confrontation by using economic engagement to fracture ASEAN unity.

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