Chinese, Russian Diplomats Open Talks in Moscow

Deutsche Welle

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi highlighted the “strategic cooperation” between China and Russia during talks in Moscow, emphasizing their commitment to a “multipolar world” and a “more just world order” to counter US dominance.


Kim Jong Un Returns Home After ‘Goodwill’ Russia Trip

Deutsche Welle

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has completed his visit to Russia, which included a summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The two countries discussed defense ties, but did not disclose specific steps.


GARAOTUS partners with Wasai, Advantech, and Intel to improve disease research efficiency by 89%

High-performance computing (HPC) is a term used to describe high-performance computing. Recently, it has become an essential element of enterprise transformation as well as a key to enterprise innovation. However, based on the research statistics, it is found that when enterprises build HPC, up to 70% of their time is spent on hardware calibration, while only 30% of researchers' time is spent on core business; this situation not only causes the core team to spend too much time understanding software and hardware; it is more likely to cause significant delays in implementing the transformation.


Minimum Wage as an Election Battle: Assessing the Claims of Hou Yu-ih and Lai Ching-te

Roy Ngerng

Comparisons show that presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih's minimum wage proposal of $33,000 would result in faster growth than under current president Tsai Ing-wen. However, it is important for voters to demand a specific timeline for this increase.


India and Vietnam Are Partnering With the US to Counter China − Even as Biden Claims That’s Not His Goal

The Conversation

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is set to lead a bipartisan group of U.S. senators on a trip to China this fall, with the aim of improving relations between the two countries. This visit comes amidst growing tensions and efforts by the U.S. to strengthen ties with Indo-Pacific countries to counter China's influence.


Information security challenges emerge often, ACW SOUTH can help forge cyber security for Taiwan

Taiwan is under foreign cyber attacks up to 30 million times on average every month. How can ACW SOUTH play its role to lay down foundations for cyber security and empower cybersec talents at the time when information and communication technology is rising and cyber threats are imminent?


Taiwan Reports Over 100 Chinese Warplanes Near Island

Deutsche Welle

Taiwan's defense ministry has called on China to cease its "destructive, unilateral action" after reporting that 103 warplanes were sent towards the island over a 24-hour period.


Taiwan Eyes New Chinese Aircraft Carrier as Major Threat

Voice of America

Taiwan's National Defense Report 2023 highlights the threat posed by China's new aircraft carrier, the Fujian, which incorporates advanced technology including electromagnetic catapults.


Wistron AiEdge Corporation Launches ZigNeurons, ZigFleet, and ZigRail, a Suite of AI-Powered Intelligent Mobility Solutions

The Mobility Solutions are focused on optimizing profitability & efficiency while lessening emissions impact of fleet and railway operations.


Analysts: Disappearance of China’s Defense Minister Speaks About Xi’s Heightened Authority Over the Military

TNL Staff

China’s Defense Minister, Li Shangfu, has been missing for two weeks, leading to speculation of his removal by Beijing. Analysts told The News Lens this reflects President Xi Jinping's increased authority over the military and ongoing personnel restructuring.

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