Taiwan Ministry of Justice Launches an Online Survey Regarding Enacting Same-sex Laws

Zou Chi

The survey covers three same-sex issues for the public to vote online and will be cutoff three months later. The responses will be used as further reference for amending or enacting relevant laws.


Taipei City to Increase the Price of School Lunches

Zou Chi

Taipei Mayor Ke Wen-zhe has decided to increase the price of lunches to provide better quality food.


App Developed by Taiwanese Students Rehabilitates Aphasia Patients


Every language therapist in Taiwan treats 108 patients. In this case, many Aphasia patients miss out on the golden period of six months for treatment.


Hackers Paralyze Taiwan Government Websites


Anonymous Asia started their Anonymous #OpTaiwan movement on July 31. They threaten there will be even larger-scale actions in the future.

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