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2018/02/23 | Hugo Zeng
OPINION: So Long, Lung Slice: China Changes Its Translation Tactics
China wants some 3,500 words translated differently, but do these changes really matter in everyday life?
2018/02/23 | Peter Wood
China's One Child Policy Is Gone, but Aging Concerns Remain
China sees its looming population crisis as the end of the window to accomplish important national goals.
2018/02/22 | Pamela Mar
OPINION: Asia's Factory Workers Will Struggle to Adapt to an AI-Driven World
Artificial intelligence and advanced automation are going to come down hard on the working class, but governments can take a few steps to soften the blow.
2018/02/22 | TJ
OPINION: Small Benefits Are Holding Taiwan's Workers Back
Is the 'happy company' phenomenon a mask for deeper workplace dissatisfaction?
2018/02/21 | Timothy Ferry
Kaohsiung Fights to Reclaim Polluted Ground
Kaohsiung will struggle to get its oil-soaked soil back to baseline.
2018/02/21 | Oiwan Lam
Malaysian Government Uses Barking Chicken to Celebrate Year of the Dog
Some believe that the use of a barking rooster in the Chinese New Year ad is meant to avoid insulting some Muslims, who consider dogs unclean.
2018/02/21 | Abby Huang
How did Taiwan Lose the Battle of the Noodles?
The Chinese market is the grand prize for instant noodles; how did South Korea rise to number one?
Singapore Turns to Biomimicry, Big Data to Save Water
Singapore's water treaty with Malaysia will end in 2060, but the country is already starting a push for greater water independence.
2018/02/20 | TNL Staff
As Hualien Recovers, Focus Shifts to Reviving Tourism
Hualien's county magistrate wants to use vouchers to lure in tourists.
2018/02/20 | Julian Kirchherr
Dams on Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River Could Fuel Greater Conflict
Myanmar’s best potential hydropower sites are all in conflict areas.
2018/02/20 | Daniel Peterson
INDONESIA: Proposed Legal Code Could Lead to Further LGBT Repression
As long as the criminal code continues to target minority groups, Indonesia’s human rights crisis will only worsen.
2018/02/19 | Dylan Pendray
Taiwanese Graffiti Art: a Form of Cultural Resistance
In Taiwan, graffiti art isn't about class or race — it's a way to rebel against mundane societal expectations.
2018/02/19 | Timothy Ferry
What Will It Take to Improve Taiwan's Air?
Taiwan's air pollution has already launched protests, but tackling its sources will involve some very tough choices.
2018/02/18 | Sam Swash
REVIEW: 'The Authoritarian Public Sphere' Ponders the Resilience of Dictatorships
In this book, Alexander Dukalskis offers insight into the efforts of three of Asia’s longest standing authoritarian regimes to legitimize and maintain their rule.
2018/02/18 | Andy Yee
OPINION: The US and China Can Avoid a Technological Standoff
The technological duopoly has already arrived, but does it have to be a fight to the death?
2018/02/18 | Mongabay
Indonesian Police Catch Smugglers with 200 Kilos of Turtle Shells
The two Chinese nationals were busted with contraband worth over US$10,000.