Dear reader

The Key Commentary Network is an online platform that provides younger generations with insights, perspectives, and debates. We hope to create a web media that will continue to grow and maintain editorial independence through technology and editorial capabilities.

On June 18th, 2013, we launched the Facebook page of the key commentary network. On August 1, 2013, the website was launched. From scratch, we have grown and thrived with internal and external efforts and support. There are now four versions, with more than 5 million visits per month, and we believe we will continue to grow and grow.

On this road, it is because there are excellent people who are willing to join us, so that the key comment network can grow so fast, and we hope that if you want to join a new and potential online media company, please don't hesitate. Please send us your resume.

We still have too many things to do and do. In order to provide better content, a better reading experience, and a more creative work team, we are looking for the following vacancies:

If you think that this fast, free and fully capable working environment is perfect for you, please write to continue to ignite this dream.

For more job openings, please go to TNL Chinese Edition.