PHOTO STORY: China Slices Through Laos With New High-Speed Railway

Surya Chuen

Photojournalist Surya Chuen follows the path of Chinese development through rural northern Laos.


The World of the Khiamniungan Nagas on the Border of India & Myanmar

High in the Patkai Mountains on the Indo-Myanmar border, the Khiamniungan Nagas have been leading an isolated life in the absence of proper road connectivity and modern healthcare.


Vietnam Newlyweds Become 'Inmates for Life' in This Viral Photo Shoot


The Saigon couple took a marriage metaphor literally in a photo shoot that went viral in Vietnam.


Taiwan’s Gender Wage Gap is Decreasing, but Not Uniformly

Morley J Weston

It's tough to be a female artist in Taiwan, but not so bad to be a plumber.


CARTOON: The Public Calls for 'Justice'

Stellina Chen

Tens of thousands of Taiwanese citizens signed a petition to introduce flogging as a punishment for some crimes. Is this a serious proposal or a frustrated mob venting their anger?


INFOGRAPHIC: Why Many Workers are Angry at Changes to the Labor Laws

TNL Staff

Changes to the Labor Standards Act could leave workers sleepless — and working for as many as 12 days at a time.

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