Taiwan's 2020 Presidential Race

Presidential hopefuls are gearing up to challenge incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen. The News Lens is taking you inside Taiwan's heated 2020 presidential race.

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Winter Is Coming: Who Will Survive Taiwan's 2020 Game of Thrones?

Taiwan's 2020 presidential election is a real-life Game of Thrones.

2019/08/22 |

TNL Staff

OPINION: How Would Ko Wen-je Disrupt Taiwan's 2020 Presidential Election?

Why is Ko Wen-je, who almost lost his re-election and who has never declared a run for the presidency, widely considered to be a presidential hopeful?

2019/08/06 |

Machi Lee

Taiwan's 2020 Is a Battle Between Reason and Entertainment

Han Kuo-yu's populist approach in his presidential campaign is driven by emotion rather than reason.

2019/07/30 |

The Interpreter

OPINION: The Popular Vote is a Populist Vote in Taiwan's 2020 Presidential Election

Populism will be the downfall of democratic institutions in Taiwan.

2019/07/13 |

Hiro Fu

Han Kuo-Yu Wins KMT Presidential Primary by a Large Margin

Han Kuo-yu wins the KMT presidential primary by 44% - he will be running up against Tsai Ing-wen in Taiwan's 2020 election.

2019/07/15 |

New Bloom

Will Tsai Turn the Tables in the 2020 Election?

President Tsai is resurgent after facing down challenger William Lai in DPP primaries.

All Bets Are Off: An Overview of Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Primaries

Besides the DPP and KMT primaries, there is still a lot left at play to determine who the candidates will be in Taiwan’s 2020 presidential election.

Taiwan's Wild 2020 KMT Primary Is Breaking All the Rules

Once tradition bound, this year’s KMT primary is a blockbuster tale of drama and political intrigue.

Taiwan's 2020 DPP Primary Puts Tsai Ing-wen and Party Unity Under Pressure

The DPP primary has devolved into a slugfest over procedure and party identity.

Taiwan's Trump? Foxconn's Terry Gou Wants to 'Make the ROC Great Again'

Comparisons between Terry Gou and Donald Trump go far deeper than their similar taste in headwear.

2019/04/22 |

Milo Hsieh

Terry Gou Invokes Sea Goddess Mazu, Announces Run for President

The Foxconn founder and chairman threw his hat into the KMT presidential primary yesterday.

2019/04/18 |

Brian Hioe

DPP and KMT Presidential Controversies Reveal Depth of Party Factionalism

Both of Taiwan's major political parties face contentious presidential primaries in the coming months.

2019/03/27 |

Brian Hioe