Architects of the Future: Taiwan's Startup Stories
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Architects of the Future: Taiwan's Startup Stories

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Innovation didn't seem like Taiwan's strong suit as the tech industry largely remained conservative and stagnant since the 2000s. However, a new breed of entrepreneurs in Taiwan is changing the business landscape with fresh ideas and bold approaches. In our brand new series, we'll bring you stories about Taiwan's new industries and visionaries.

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Tech Talent Platform CakeResume Raises $900,000 In Seed Funding

Daphne K. Lee

CakeResume, a Taiwanese start-up, has raised US$900,000 in seed funding for its goal of building a tech talent pool spanning across Asia.


FunNow Thrives in Taiwan's Domestic Tourism Recovery

Daphne K. Lee

While most tourism-adjacent businesses have been battered by Covid-19, FunNow's focus on the domestic market has been key to its unlikely success.


This Taiwanese Company Had a Contact Tracing Solution Before Covid-19

Daphne K. Lee

Demand for tracking devices has surged during Covid-19. Founders of Taiwan-based THLight Co. explain why.


The Women Behind MOWES, Taipei’s Inclusive Community Space

Syrena Lin

MOWES offers fitness, art, and language classes. However, the community space has been struggling with lower attendance rates and postponed grants under Covid-19.


Taiwan’s Craft Beer Industry in Search of a Local Identity

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Taiwan's burgeoning craft beer scene has come a long way since independent brewing was legalized in 2002. However, the breweries have wildly different ideas about using local ingredients and what makes a Taiwanese craft beer Taiwanese.


Danish Entrepreneurs Reshape Coffee Roasting and Rigid Work Culture

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Ailio, a Taiwanese startup founded by a pair of Danish twin brothers, developed a sustainable coffee roasting technology with an appreciation of the Danish lifestyle.


SKRT Streamlines Taiwan’s Scooter Rental Services

Evan Vitkovski

With over 14 million registered scooters in Taiwan, new players like SKRT have emerged to digitalize scooter rentals and create easier access for foreign tourists.


Ghost Island Media Spearheads Taiwan’s Rising Podcast Industry

TNL Staff

Taipei-based Ghost Island Media is at the frontline of Taiwan's podcast industry, producing quality shows both in Mandarin and English.

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