2019 Taiwan Pride: Queerness in Asia
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2019 Taiwan Pride: Queerness in Asia

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In May 2019, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, which makes this year’s pride month all the more meaningful for the LGBT community. To celebrate Taiwan's pride month, we're going to cover queer culture and LGBT progress in Taiwan and the rest of Asia.

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台灣同志遊行登場 主軸同志好厝邊

Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Law Yet to Fulfill Marriage Equality

Rik Glauert

Although Taiwan has legalized same-sex marriage in May, transnational couples are still fighting for marriage equality.


Spectrum Formosus Reclaims Electronic Music for Taiwan’s Queer Community

Ryan Drillsma

Queer music festival Spectrum Formosus will take place this weekend just outside of Taipei City, featuring a roster of top international DJs, drag queens and kings, as well as performance artists.


Taiwan Celebrates Marriage Equality With Landmark Pride Parade

Daphne K. Lee

170,000 marched in Taiwan's landmark Pride parade today celebrating the country's achievement in legalizing same-sex marriage.


Challenges Ahead as Japan Follows Taiwan’s Path to Marriage Equality

Rik Glauert

Japanese LGBT activists are looking to Taiwan as a successful example of granting same-sex couples the right to marry, but Japan has to first deal with its conservative politics and society.


Celebrate 2019 Taiwan Pride: Parade Route, Seminars, and Parties!

Cat Thomas

2019 Taiwan Pride is kicking off this weekend with a wide range of festivities — follow our comprehensive guide and find something for your and your friends!


Reshaping Queer Culture: Meet Taiwan’s First Drag Kings

Darice D. Chang

As Taiwan’s drag queen scene flourishes, propelled by the global success of Drag Race, the king scene is growing as well, providing much needed space and platform for lesbians and AFAB-people.


Taiwan’s Newlywed Same-Sex Couples Prepare for Landmark Pride Parade

Rik Glauert

It’s been 5 months since Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage. Where are the married couples now?


India’s LGBT Community Keeps Fighting Social Stigma Despite Legal Victory

Mehk Chakraborty

Despite last year’s decriminalization, India’s LGBT community still has to keep working toward social acceptance.


China Granted Same-Sex Couples Legal Rights But Not Acceptance

The Conversation

Same-sex couples in China can now appoint each other as their legal guardians, but the Chinese government still insists that heterosexual monogamy aligns with Chinese moral traditions.


Past and Present: 20 Years of LGBT Movement in Singapore

Jolovan Wham

The LGBT community in Singapore is still fighting to repeal the discriminatory Section 377A of the Penal Code, but it has inspired the society to be more accepting and open in the past two decades.

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