Is Taiwan For Sale?
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Is Taiwan For Sale?

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Whenever a presidential election happens in Taiwan, discussions about whether a certain candidate can sell out the country would often ensue. However, does a Taiwanese president have that much authority to put an entire country up for sale? Is being pro-China the equivalent of betraying Taiwan? What about someone leaning towards the United States and Japan — is that less of a crime?

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What Is Taiwan’s Legal Status According to International Law, Japan, and the US?

Li Kua-teng

Legally, Taiwan is a piece of territory that was "never returned" properly. What roles have Japan and the United States played historically?


Do Free Economic Pilot Zones Benefit Taiwan?

TNL Feature

What kind of direction should Taiwan take in developing its “free economic pilot zones”?


The ‘1992 Consensus’ Never Existed — Beijing Only Wanted ‘One China’

Raphael Lin

The "1992 Consensus" has been flung around by Taiwanese politicians as a way to discuss cross-strait relations, but there was never even a consensus.

總統府住一晚 石井三紀子欣賞新設計夜間照明

Could a Taiwanese President Commit Treason and Get Away With It?

TNL Feature

Within the scope of authority of the president as specified by the constitution, would it be possible for a president to commit treason and get away with it?

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