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Roy Ngerng on the Minimum Wage
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Roy Ngerng on the Minimum Wage

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Roy Ngerng, a researcher and fair wage advocate, has written extensively on Taiwan's minimum wage. His work amounts to a comprehensive case for raising the minimum wage, which he shows to be too low for Taiwan's cost of living, too low by international standards, and increasing at a rate too slow to alleviate these problems. We are honored to collect and present his work here.

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Taiwan’s Wages Are So Low Because Business Profits Are Too High

Roy Ngerng

It is time for Taiwan to restore balance in the economy by lifting the minimum wage significantly. If the government does not do so, it is like asking workers to sacrifice as they struggle to afford the cost of living.

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Raise the Minimum Wage Now to Fix Taiwan’s Lopsided Economy

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan has lost 20 to 30 years to transition to a higher-value innovation-led economy. If it wants to be strong, it is time to increase wages significantly.

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