Roy Ngerng on the Minimum Wage
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Roy Ngerng on the Minimum Wage

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Roy Ngerng, a researcher and fair wage advocate, has written extensively on Taiwan's minimum wage. His work amounts to a comprehensive case for raising the minimum wage, which he shows to be too low for Taiwan's cost of living, too low by international standards, and increasing at a rate too slow to alleviate these problems. We are honored to collect and present his work here.

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Taiwan’s Minimum Wage Is Not Adequate for Its Cost of Living

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s low minimum wage has contributed to half of workers earning less than what they need to have a basic standard of living.


Lithuania’s Minimum Wage Is More Adequate for Its Cost of Living Than Taiwan’s

Roy Ngerng

Though lower in nominal terms, Lithuania’s minimum wage is more adequate for its cost of living than Taiwan’s, and catching up fast.


Taiwan’s Minimum Wage is One of the Lowest In Its League

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan is a wealthy country. Its recently instituted minimum wage hike does not compare favorably with its international counterparts.


A Higher Minimum Wage Won’t Lead To Higher Unemployment in Taiwan

Roy Ngerng

Despite what you may hear from business interest lobbyists, the historical data shows no clear correlation between a growing minimum wage and a higher unemployment rate.

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NT$25,250 Is Still Not Enough for a Basic Standard of Living in Taiwan

Roy Ngerng

President Tsai increased the minimum wage by a larger percentage in six years than her predecessors in their full eight-year terms, but this is not good enough.


Taiwan’s Minimum Wage Is Not Catching Up With Consumer Prices

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s workers need to be aware that it is not the increases in wages that are causing prices to rise. Businesses are increasing prices whether wages increase.


Business Groups Are Campaigning Against Taiwan’s Minimum Wage Increase. Don’t Let Them Succeed.

Roy Ngerng

There’s been a campaign waged by business groups against a minimum wage hike in Taiwan. Don’t fall for what they’re saying.


10 Misconceptions About Raising the Minimum Wage in Taiwan

Roy Ngerng

Don’t believe the fearmongers. A low minimum wage is a political choice, not an economic necessity.

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