Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Movement

A Visual Review of Hong Kong's Artful Protest

2019/08/05 ,


TNL Staff

Image Credit: Artohk 

TNL Staff

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What you need to know

Protest art has been the creative backbone of Hong Kong's anti-extradition movement.

Cover Image by Ah To

Creative protest flyers from Hong Kong's anti-extradition movement have taken the social media spotlight in the past weeks. An anonymous group of designers based in Hong Kong have designed thousands of posters and infographics on assembly locations and dates as well as safety instructions.

With permission from the anti-extradition design team on Telegram, The News Lens is showcasing some of the phenomenal work created by these passionate designers. According to one of the admins, these designers and illustrators mostly work from home and collaborate via Telegram to brainstorm and revise their artworks.

August 5: Citywide Strike

Storm Alert, effective August 5. All citizens should stop pretending to work. Work strike. Classroom strike. Market strike.
"I'm willing to take a bullet for you in the frontline, are you willing to strike to express your demands?" No retreats unless the bill is fully withdrawn. Let the flowers bloom in 7 districts: Tuen Mun, Sha Tin, Tai Po, Tsuen Wan, Admiralty, Mong Kok, Wong Tai Sin.
"What's more important than supporting Hong Kong? Video game? It can wait." August 5, Hong Kong's Citywide Strike. Flowers blooming everywhere. People's awakening.
We're brothers hiking up and down the mountain together. August 5, Hong Kong's Citywide Strike.

July 27: Yuen Long Protest

The application for protest assembly against triad violence in Yuen Long on July 27 was rejected by the Hong Kong Police. However, protesters came up with different excuses to evade the protest ban. Some encouraged people to go "sightseeing" in Yuen Long and purchase the famous wife cakes at a local store. Others, with a sense of dark humor, claimed that they were having a memorial for Li Peng, who had just passed away.

Yuen Long, July 27 Weekend Trip Idea. Must Eat: Yuen Long Wife Cakes. P.S. Bring your umbrella to avoid the sun and the rain!
Li Peng 1928-2019, July 27 | 15:00 Yuen Long Memorial Service
July 21, 2019: A wedding ceremony between police and triads.

July 1: The Annual Pro-democracy March


June 16: 2 Million + 1 Protest

We'll stand together. June 16: Protest. June 17: Citywide Strike.
June 16: No China Extradition. Rescind the Evil Law. The Last Battle.

Other Creative Protest Graphics:

Image Credit: beforethedawn.hk Instagram
Four ways to deal with tear gas: 1) Cover the tear gas with a helmet and then pour water over it. 2) Cover it with a wet towel. 3) Pick it up and throw it in a giant water barrel, then block the opening with your foot. 4) Bravely pick it up and throw it back (remember to wear a heat-resistant glove).
From today onward, bring a pack of Post-it wherever you go. Whenever you have a chance, "stick his mom." (But leave once you've done sticking.) #LowCostResistance #NonViolence
Image Credit: 阿塗
"I'd rather be a freedom cunt than an authoritarian's turtle."
A poster designed in the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda style. "There's a responsibility in being born into a chaotic era. To all the Hongkongers with a shared destiny, this is a battle of freedom defense."
"My eyes hurt..."
"Don't worry, kid, you're okay now. We're all here so don't be afraid."

TNL Editor: Daphne K. Lee (@thenewslensintl)

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Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Movement:

At the end of the 2014 Umbrella Movement, Hongkongers promised they will be back. In June 2019, Hong Kong mobilized one-third of the population to protest against the government's extradition bill. The News Lens is covering the ongoing movement and rallies in collaboration with our Hong Kong-based team.

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